Missing Cash Shop Items Compilation Of MapleStory

I realize that posts similar to this have been made multiple times on the forums, but in this post I am intent on maintaining an updated list (based on replies to this thread and other threads to the best of my knowledge) so Nexon knows what to fix/add in and has the information consolidated to one place.
This post is dedicated to currently unavailable Cash Shop items in Reboot World that are available in other worlds. These are MapleStory Mesos  that you would like to be made available. The unavailability of these items can be the cause of bugs/glitches; regardless, post about their absence here. I will check this thread daily and update it according to new posts.

Seeing how the amount of absent items is overwhelming, I have taken the time to compile some of the more popular items that are missing first, but I welcome all additions.
I have bolded some of the most-desired items in Reboot World based on what I’ve heard/read so far, so take special note of them.
I think i did the worst thing you can do to theCheap MapleStory Mesos  ..I uninstalled the NEXON launcher and now i cannot install it since it always freezes up on “updating nexon launcher”. Any tips for this problem? Also, if there was a website where i can get the newest version of nexon launcher it would help. The one that all the links go is the one that keeps making me update…
I posted about the issue here too in case someone can help me on the help forum:I am also getting these issues with Nexon Launcher. However, I am also getting an automatic crash when it comes to attempting to launch the game with Game Launcher. I crash slowly after reaching the Wizet logo along with an error message.


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