Any way to adjust online matchmaking? FIFA 15 PC

As the title says, I want to know if there is any way to adjust the way you get matched while playing online (be it FUT 15 coins or seasons). Playing on PC, Origin gives you the option to get matched to people nearby, but it isn’t working as planned… I live in Argentina and I am continuously matched agains Brazilians, which makes almost every game unplayable. During FUT matches you get to see the oponent ‘s latency bars, which helps a lot, but during online seasons you just get right into the game. I assume by experience playing online games that I usually have around 80-100 ping while playing against Brazilians while Argentinians and others nearby give me smooth games with 20-60 ping.

Is there any way to adjust the max latency for the matchmaking? If not it would be a really nice feature to get included in a patch, as PC FIFA players are scarce and it’s even harder to get players from my zone. I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes if the match I will play is enjoyable.

All that said, I hope an OP gets to read this thread, and thank anyone that brings up anything helpful.

P.S: FUT’s Italian League (Division 1 single player) asks for BBVA players instead of Serie A. FIX IT!!!


Winter-wear after FIFA 15 player edit

Does anyone know why there is still the bug of losing a fifa 15 coins players winter-wear/ long-sleeves after you edit his boots in career mode?

If I edit my players to wear the boots that are actively made available in the catalogue after starting a career mode – during winter they revert to wearing short-sleeves and lose their underarmour. You instantly lose authenticity of the player to his real-life self. It’s particularly annoying with goalkeepers, where EA don’t seem interested in applying the branded gloves which are in their game (instead they leave most with EA gloves), so if you want to kit your GK out in authentic gloves and avoid the terrible EA ones, you end up with a GK wearing short-sleeves in winter (this looks odd) and a lot of PL goalkeepers, will never wear short-sleeves in real life. In fact it’s rare for GK shirts to even be made in short-sleeves.

Why would EA not correct this? I think the issue was there in 2013?? Terrible!

*I understand not everyone will appreciate this level of detail fifa coins*

Are EA actually aware that this FIFA game is unrealistic?

Kick off – hold R2 – sprint past players, you’re through on goal. Why isn’t this fixed fifa 15 coins yet?

During the game – hold R2 – get pace boost, glide past opposition players, you’re through on goal. Why isn’t this fixed yet?

It doesn’t matter if there’s ways to stop the pace, it shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

Spot on mate! The game is literally a joke this year so unrealistic and more frustrating than ever before.

Its as if they try to out do themselves in how frustrating and annoying they can make the game.

People who know and understand football, who actually play football cannot play or be good at the game because it is so unrealistic. The goals that are scored in every single ultimate team online game are goals that you see once in a decade! Okay its fair enough if in like 1 in 5-10 games you score or have a goal scored against you thats just crazy and special. You can accept that but every game is so damn stupid!

EA are actually the worst company ive come across. 4 days in a row and servers are down, I had a day off work, hadnt played fifa in almost a month for 1. being annoyed at the game, 2. selling all my players for the market crash. Finally i got all my players back and then some but I couldnt play for that entire day.

We keep complaining but they never do anything about it. Please Please Please fifa coins PS4 buy the rights and I will switch in an instant! David Rutter is an ugly little money grabbing, greedy RAT!!!

‘FIFA 15’ PS4 And Xbox One Graphics: New Trailer Shows Super Realistic Player Faces, Moving Hair, Pitch Damage & More

FIFA 15 looked good–but not dramatically better than its predecessor–in its debut trailer at fifa coins ps3, but a new video from EA Sports shows off some marked improvements that weren’t clearly displayed in the initial footage.

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The trailer focuses mostly on the improvements to the player models, and the upgrades are pretty staggering. The player renders were hit and miss in terms of resembling their real-life counterparts in FIFA 14, but that seems to have changed in the upcoming title–and they look much more realistic on the whole.

A new modelling system (explained and demonstrated in the trailer below) allowed the developers to create much more accurate versions of player faces. Chelsea and Belgium’s Eden Hazard in FIFA 15 looks frighteningly similar to the young star in reality: welcome to the uncanny valley. Other players who never looked quite right resemble the real players much more than before, which the narrator credits to the new lighting system.

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Another improvement is “visible breathing”, demonstrated in the trailer as a player breathing heavily (presumably after a long run or late in the game). Also added are more realistically moving hair and clothing, which I’m assuming were added solely so that Cavani’s luscious locks can flow in the wind as he runs the field like a warrior out of an ancient Greek epic.

Kits will get dirty with grass and mud stains as the game goes on, and (as shown in the debut trailer) the pitch will get damaged and roughed up as the match continues. Stadiums will boast moving LED ad boards, and nets and corner flags will move when struck by the ball. FIFA 15 coins launches on last and current generation consoles, as well as PC, PS Vita, and 3DS this September.

FIFA southampton lol

well well southampton on this game bet people who saw them sign mane and ellia thought yes i can abuse them if they were on fifa 15 coins┬ápeople would not win a game with them because all they have got is pace fifa 13 wasn’t built on pace i was winning 2-1 scored a header with a 5 ft 8 guy so obviously he got mad and brought on ellia to play on counter just run it all the way down the field he just come on so he just blitz passed my players who were near on empty in stamina to square it to the player cheap goal he is french and the only team he plays with is southampton i looked at his recent results and his recent matches he won by 3-0 4-0 mostly all of them the way he plays abusing the game i was the only player to score two past him in the last 10 matches.. so i know i am a good player so i didnt mind losing because after all on this game its about speed and nothing else nothing you can do!

Career FIFA 15 mode harder?

Been playing fifa 15 coins since the first week hadn’t had any issues with career mode or kick of until about 4 weeks ago.

Started a new career mode with tottenham recently and have had the following issues which now are on every offline game mode.

First the difficulty seems to be the same from legendary to amateur can’t break down play when attacking anymore the cpu seems to press my team all over the pitch making any pass nigh on impossible. Players don’t charge dead balls until cpu has reached ot first then my players run at half speed to reach their players.

Every team now starts 5 at the back and no players pull out of position making it hard to attack. I have used sliders too to change the shot and pass error in fact most of the sliders to only make no difference. I have played through 3 seasons so far and every season gets harder most notably I played Wigan which is a low star rated team and had upto 26 shots on goal which the keeper saved all of but they had one and scored. This was on amateur too.

The referees give any decisions against me resulting in a guarenteed goal and let decisions go against me even if I get cropped in the box.

The passing accuracy of every team I play is 90% to 100% accurate as when I check the match stats after the game even though sometimes it displays 60/70% the tackling is also the same and even if they disposses me and the ball doesn’t get controlled by the cpu it will somehow find its way to another cpu player.

I spoke to one of the live chat people last night only to be asked, “have you tried changing the difficulty level” haha didn’t even read the issues. Then told me the problem may lie in a corrupted game file and said to delete the file on my fifa 15 coins xbox 360 so I did and nothing has changed im quite fed up now as my game saves had about 10 different career modes on them and ive put in well iver 200+ hours on the game and now have no games saved and the game is still playing like this.

Anybody else having issues like this?

how do i FIFA 15 beat 4312 41212’s 4321’s 442

im a avid 433 user avid 4231 (2) user and well these formations i face i say 8 out of 10 fifa 15 coins games.

they clog up the middle i can’t move get on the wing do anything really. its usually a pacey team that fits this mold it gets constant one pass counters to the strikers or cam. long through balls always working i jsut dont get what i got to do.

its worse then how op 352 was years back.

Cut in between the full back and the CDM just behind the winger/cm. there’s almost always space. Chops and berba spins are great too if he double man presses.

Tbh though – 4231(1&2) are significantly harder to break down imo. At least with false 9 as they make it so hard for the cf to operate

See i use 4231 (2) and it gets murdered on the counter worse then 433(4)

i really don’t get what your saying.

i personally just switched my 433 serie a team to a 4312 taking out canderva and el shawarry and im not scoring every chance but im still only getting under 10 shots a game.

i feel the formations i use just get out beat by anything with a cam and two strikers. 433(4) is now on my do not play list.

i search cheap fifa 15 coins for hours on end for one match because of all the exploits and these clog the middle high pressuer formations.