The Fifa Golden Ticket (ultimate way to bring FUT back to glory)

I am a former user of madden ultimate team and I made the transition to fifa ultimate team coins because I love the gameplay of fifa more than that of madden. One thing that madden has that I do believe trumps fifa is the extra add ons in ultimate team. In MUT there are many awesome features that are non-existent in fifa.

For example, rookie cards (imagine an 85 ovr Ronaldo at Man Utd), rookie legend cards (provide a cheap alternative to super expensive legends and may make it easier to hybridize teams because users wont be forced to spend millions on millions just for legend links, for example maybe an 84 ovr Viera, or 82 ovr Futre),

The feature that I loved most about MUT that I found the most fun was the golden ticket concept. Those that are unfamiliar 10 golden tickets are released over a week and the ten people that get these golden tickets get to customize and card of their choosing. The card they customize will then give a copy to themselves and the customized card is released into packs and it includes the creators gamertag on the card.

Something like this would get loads of people back into Ultimate team and would really help EA get cheap fifa 15 coins the community back on their side.

Also, for EA economically it would make sense, imagine the fifa youtubers and some of the fifa streamers just how much they would spend to be able to say they got a golden ticket, I guarantee it would be in the tens of thousands. Also, say a famous community member got a golden ticket, everybody would be dying to get their newly created card. This could be bigger than team of the year in my opinion, simply in terms of packs opened and amount of FP purchased.

FIFA 15 Custom Tactic – Everything on 100

So I was bored the other day and played Champions Shield. I’ve always wondered how my team will play if I set everything on 100. I played with standard tactic in the first half of the first round and the opponent lead 1-0 to the half break. I then got bored so I turned everything to 100 in my custom tactic settings. I totally dominated the 2nd half and I won the fifa 15 coins game 2-1 (His keeper played a great match and got 9 in rating. I should win much more)

In the quarter finals I met this team:

I set everything to 100 before the game and my team played really well. The match ended 4-4 and I won the penalty shoot-out. The reasons I conceded 4 goals is because Zlatan is freaking impossible to stop. He scored from every impossible angles.

In the semifinal I lead 3-1 against an opponent with clearly better players than me (Bale, Neymar, Suarez… And I usually lose to those opponents fairly). Sadly I lost 4-3 because I conceded 2 unlucky goals on corner (2 own goals, lmao)… I think I deserved to win that game but I felt unlucky for losing it due to 2 mistakes from my Al’s.

However I think my team plays much better when I set everything to 100. I did it for a joke but now I really need to use it more cheap fifa coins. Give it a try! Also sorry for my English.

they have FIFA 15 definetely incrased cardwheight

i’ve opened LOADS OF LOADS OF fifa 15 coins packs.

i was pretty sure that on my account there was wrote something like “never a joy”, “miracle doesnt’ happens”, “go f**k yourself”

opened three packs, 2 15k and 1 7.5k after selling so many bronzes irish players.

in the first up aguero, a free pack, a catalyst card

on the second fabregas (an 85 rated for me is like water on desert) and gundogan

on the 7.5k packs a green mcgeady that went in a millisecond

a couple of days ago i got fabregas and pirlo in the same pack

these may sound as s..t packs but trust me, i’ve never saw a card rated more than 86 in 3 years of fut (and it was aguero a month ago), and i’ve opened 3m of packs between tif messi and tif robben weeks

New Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Update: Issues, Transfers, Bug Fixes

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins is one of the most popular Android games on the market, so don’t be surprised if you hear about it in the news. A new update has been released for FIFA 15 UT, and it addresses some key issues while adding transfers, but some users have reported that the update broke some things, so it’s not perfect.

This game has had its fair share of updates in the past, but they seemed to do more harm than good. Many users have reported various issues with the game, mostly involving the mandatory Facebook authorization. Users reported all sorts of things from freezes and crashes to motorization bugs. FIFA 15 UT devs have since responded to those reports and attempted to fix them by rolling out various updates. The current version is 1.3.1 and besides a team rosters update that brings players like Juan Cuadrado from Fiorentina to Chelsea, it also adds performance enhancements to the mix, along with various bug fixes. Transfers are finally here, and this is a feature that’s been demanded for a long time now. Still, bugs are being reported by a lot of users on both the iOS platform as well as Android.

One of said problems is apparently a glitch that brings users back to the homepage. This may be another authorization issue or a networking issue, but it’s a very common bug right now. A lot of users are also reporting a bug that prevents the game from connecting to the EA servers. One player, for instance, says that he hasn’t been able to play once since he updated the game. You can see how this could be a problem for most players, especially considering that this buggy state of affairs has been going on for a long time fifa coins pc. Hopefully, the developers will do something about it and roll out a big update to solve all of this.

Have you updated to 1.3.1 yet? If so, how does it behave for you? Any bugs encountered so far? Let us know by leaving a comment.

FIFA 15 1.05 Patch release, Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

A new patch for Fifa 15 has been released on all platforms, along with the patch we also have patch notes listing what’s new in the update. The patch has been released for the PS4, fifa 15 coins PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PC.

The FIFA 15 1.05 patch is sized at 328.3MB, on Xbox One it’s 250MB, on PC it’s 200MB, and around 50MB on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The patch’s main additions are the new MLS teams, namely Orlando City FC and New York City FC. The patch also improves stability to match day functions, online seasons and pro clubs. FIFA Ultimate team players will also find an improved ‘compare price’ function when searching for consumables.

Check out the full FIFA 15 1.05 patch notes below:

Now if only EA could fix the passing, then I would be a happy camper. So what do you guys think of the new patch? Happy with the new changes? Or were you expecting something else? Let us know in the comments below.

Having no fun anymore? Matchmaking and improvements fifa

Anyone else? I really have no fun on FIFA coins ps4 anymore, feels more like a chore to play. Dominating games, playing against players that seem to have god in goal for them, saving just about everything that comes to them, then your keeper is useless saving nothing.

The whole game needs a HUGE improvement, Its still a game based around Pace of players, so it seems and has been for such a long time now. And also…

Matchmaking (Seasons and FUT): Matchmaking feels god awful, Is matchmaking designed around your record? dose it partner you up with someone with a similar record and team? It should do! not people on FUT 15 coins using bronze bench glitches. and on seasons are you really playing people in the same division as you? I hope cause you can be in division 3 and feel like you’re playing against someone in division 10!
I would really want to know how the matchmaking works on this game. Doesn’t feel right at all.

92 rated, full chem FIFA squad

In Division 6…controlled by an * who is never going to make it to division 5.

Ok where to begin, I’m still laughing at this kid I just played. First fifa 15 coins of all I am an average player at best and today it was my second try trying to get out of division 6. I have been facing 5 million plus squads all division long, but this last game… Wow. He had Messi, Ronaldo, robben, kroos, iniesta , Ramos, lahm and neuer all TOTY. The rest was Schweinsteiger, Marcelo and Sif Hummels. This is all on ps4 so this team is worth so many barrels of oil. It was by far the easiest game I’ve played, he just ran with Robben all game long. I won 4-0, but I’m not kidding when I say that most of you division 1 guys could have beaten this kid using just one hand. Why would anyone pay this much money to get humiliated? (Don’t answer this one if you’re perverted). I will upload some footage I recorded to YouTube, but has this happened to more people? Haha, still giggling.

Let it go man….so the guy likes to spend money on the game. Perhaps he is wealthy enough to enjoy such luxuries. At least he didn’t disconnect on you (I’m assuming if he did you would have mentioned).

As for posting buy fifa coins links I’ve never bothered to figure it out lol but I assume it’s similar as with pics where you have to use a third party website like tinypic….

AI on this FIFA game is comical

Who designed this half finished game. You really need to get cheap fifa 15 coins your figure out and finish stuff before you move onto the next abomination you call fifa.

Is there any Ai on this game at all. Neuer has just watched a ball roll past him at a turtles pace from a shot from the half way line no one around him middle of the goal he just stands there spazaming like a *.

Everyone just runs in a straight line while my whole team just parts like the dead sea.

Deflected shots always fall to the oppositions what’s up with that it never falls to my player. Sort it out.

Get in Behind does diddle squat on this game. My players are no where near the oppositions defence to get in Behind even tho I have it set to all out attack my whole team is in my half.

do the FIFA game devs honestly realise whats wrong with their game?

there is so much wrong with this fifa 15 coins game at the moment, and im not just talking about what people perceive to be wrong but actual deficiencies in the game.

for example,
manual switching, it still switches you automatically
replays, doesnt show up all goals
commentary, it very rarely lines up with actual game play, for example it’ll say “why did he shoot from there? its just greedy” when you shoot from a FK on the edge of the box.
through balls out wide, the player will now not run on an intercept course to get the ball, instead he will follow it out of play.
players not coming to the ball when passed to, they just wait and allow an opposition player to come get it.
players not locking onto the ball when put in via a through ball, they just run away from it.
throw ins where no-one comes to help you, your just standing there with no-one to throw it to.
referees kit clashing with one of the teams.
the ridiculous amount of cheaters that are on fifa coins pro clubs.

some of these things have been happening for years now, do EA game devs not test them enough? after all the vast majority of players can spot these things in the first hour of playing after release.
maybe i should be a tester for them