Tip good Albion Online musicians

1 – Improve 1v1 combat. I like group combat, don’t get me wrong, but I hope that 1v1 is more skill-based and it’s possible to for solo pvp roaming, which would mean some ability to slow/stun to secure a kill from someone retreating as well as preventing or knocking someone off a horse.

2 – Introduce specialized and specific quests, but only a small number of them. I view Albion Online as kind of a spiritual successor to Albion Online Silver (its so casual now I can’t even call it Runescape) and I would love to see a few but well-thought out and unique quests implemented.

3 – Add more social and RPG elements. One I would love, the ability to craft musical instruments as well as the ability to train in the skill of playing musical instruments to entertain people in taverns. SWG had a system like that, it was great, you could even tip good musicians. An addition to this, eating food could have a quick option and a realistic option. The quick option gives some benefits, the realistic option takes a few minutes, which provides more value for entertainers.

Basically, make solo play a bit more interesting and viable, and make the world pop a bit more. But overall, the base that exists is really good, I can’t wait for it to officially launch.