POE: provide some additional defenses

I voted for the first option, but sadly I see that most people voted the second which is probably the worst.

My thoughts on the options:

1)This is good because generally speaking a hybrid evasion/armour build won’t have that much armour/evasion. Thus it is good to provide some additional defenses such as dodge and maim and also provide some leech. The First affix (attack damage based on evasion/armour) hints that this could be used for an elemental build so having generic attack leech would benefit such a build a lot

2)I don’t know why people vote for this. Yes fortify and onslaught are nice, but you can easily put fortify on the movement skill and you can easily gain onslaught by using a flask. Also the buff onslaught provide is not that great imo compared to other options in the list

3)This was my second best. This is because it helps the build blind the enemies. Since you won’t have that much evasion it’s good to blind the enemies to be more effective. However it’s easy blinding the enemies using other means such as putting blind gem on the golem to Buy POE Chaos Orb, flasks etc. Also bleeding is nice, but it is a bit niche. In addition as I said above I think the generic attack damage hints more to an elemental build thus making bleeding no so good combo with the first affix

4)This options sound good at first, but generally speaking you can sustain your frenzy/endurance charges without these options, so this seems to be kind of a waste. I see some people arguing that it could be useful for bosses so that you can get 2 endurance charges instead of one, but I don’t think this will make that much of a different. Option 1 will be more reliable in any case.

It is the most interesting and if it would be chosen would actually cause me to make a taunt build to use it. It is very powerful, but only for a certain build(s), which is exactly what a unique should be.

why is noone voting for blind/bleed? blind is an under appreciated mechanic that is strong on giving you survivability + you can combine it with voidheart. in addition to that saboteur & assassin can also make use of this belt with its blind bonus.

I get it’s supposed to reward a hybrid defense playstyle, but I don’t like if an item it tailored to a single class. Because you can go hybrid armour/ev with a templar if you want. As such, I feel the first option is too tailored towards gladiator, and the second is for champion, so I’m no fan of those, despite or maybe because of their obvious power.

the dodge / maim / leech on taunted enemies really enables warcries. I know, I know,, casing warcries is a pain.. I never use warcries for the same reason you don’t either.. they interrupt the flow of melting packs and aren’t worth it,, at least not for a solo player to buy Cheap POE Chaos Orb, but now you dont have to feel dirty every time you cast enduring cry and look over your shoulder to see if anyone caught you. AND there are other warcries in the game too and they all taunt! i dont know what they are though cause i just hold down my main attack button and my super ascendasaiyan 8 abilities nuke the screen

that being said.. I really like to see changes that promote a more diverse playstyle, and i get that super high tier “you have a 7-link” attributes are neat and all but this can all be a little too sweet after while.. like that guy from ‘my name is earl’ said when he was someone else in the tom cruise movie ‘vanilla sky’.

This is not really interesting when you think a bit on it, if you have an ev based char, equiping the belt will give you some armor so the bonus will scale on it (since it should be your lowest) = irrelevant attack damage increase. The only case the bonus get usefull is when you stack armor/ev AND taking iron reflexe, then you will only have armor and it could give an interesting amount of dmg increase. But there is still a bad point, everyone knows armor is the worst defensive stat to stack.