The World Of Albion Online Can Appear Massive

The World of Albion can appear massive and dangerous at first glance.
As you know, with friends everything looks a lot better already, though – which is why we advise everyone to join one of Albion’s guilds.
Now, not every guild is for everyone – there are those for beginners, for casual players and for real experts.
We want to give beginners a great starting point to the Albion Online Silver by recommending them beginner-friendly guilds that make it their mission to introduce and educate new players about Albion Online.

Therefore, we want to create an overview with guilds that:
admit beginner players to their ranks – i.e. do not reject any beginner applicants (unless there is a really good reason, unrelated to skill level)
teach and train them the key mechanics and skills of the game
provide a beginner-friendly and social environment to learn and grow together in Albion Online
already have a decent size (20-30 members or more) and some experience with the game (played one Alpha or more)
If your guild is just that, please apply by sending a PM to @Bercilak, providing the following information:
Being listed as a beginner-friendly / training guild does come with some responsibility!
Please only apply for your guild by buy Albion Online Gold  if you really want to help and support new players getting started in Albion Online!
We may join guilds and test if a proper introduction and training is provided to new players.
You need to be willing to invest a considerable amount of time into mentoring and training new members.

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