Battle Fatigue Debuff – Albion Online

So if everyone hates being outnumbered and zerging is such an issue, I propose this
battle fatigue debuff:+1% PvP damage taken per kill/assist until returning to town ( deflagging and going back )

So yes, you can still kill those people in Hollow Soul/Flesh of the Earth and take their raid

So for the smaller group, what does this mean… You can kill 10-20 people before this really hits you. LOOOT FOR DAYSSSS For a giant zerg, after you kill 1 group of 10 ( good amount of loot), your whole party is +10% until you return.

So you want to give a certain percentage of the fame gathered as returned mats, this is understandable in Albion Mall . Let’s just pick a random number, 20% of the fame you gathered should be given from a laborer. Why would you make it so the book can only be filled out to 15k fame for a 3k (The penny returns shown above on the test branch) fame return of mats when you are waiting 8 hours, spending extra time and weight, and a substantial amount of time and mats to get the laborer going? Shouldn’t you base the books capacity around a reasonable return rate of the mats? Something way more than the test branch but less than the live branch.

The target is 33% right now. The intent is that you’ll fill a book in a playsession and then turn it in when you log out, so the length of the wait isn’t considered to be a balance issue by buy Albion Online Gold . The setup costs (house/furniture) isn’t intended to be a huge burden; if that ends up being regarded as a significant hurdle, we’ll probably revisit it. Travel price and weight I will look at on Monday, there’s not intended to be any real downside to carrying a journal.

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