Trove: the roaming dragon turns to those faithful people

As a 2.2k pr gunslinger, I wonder into the cursed vale. I was leveling my character and I need the mastery. This place is dark and I don’t like it, but I have to do this, 1k more pr and I’m in the top 250 in contest.
Its very quite, I don’t like it. But suddenly I see a flicker, a faint flicker in the fog. Wait, that fog wasn’t there a few moments ago. I need to approach it

What is this is see out in the darkness, the thick fog slowly collecting in the eerie corner of darkness. There is a glow, a mysterious glow. I am now getting curious. Just as a take a step a griffin steps out of the darkness. It looks like a member of drumsticks for gotten brethren. I have discovered a new species. But this one isn’t exotic like Paul or dark like Falminar. This one is spooky, undead even. Slightly disfigured with a balefire glow, the glow is so powerful, almost unbearable. The beast gets closer and I can see that it’s eyes are also balefire, lack of light maybe. Its beak shines in the slightly exposed sun, its feathers are blowing in the wind, but the feathers are also ruffled. I need to document this Cheap Trove Flux. As I jot down the description it gets closer and shows its sharp beak. I am suddenly scared and I stand up quick! Bad move. I fall down due to the sudden movement. I can no longer get away, it seems as though I am doomed.

I quickly drank a vial and my master cheep emblem activated and created a diversion, only one punch worth before dieing, though. Still I was able to make a break for it with my trusty SKRGLE by my side. As I enter candoria I hear a deafening screech it is still following me, this time not on the ground. It is flying, no, gliding. It is gaining quickly, I jump on my pemblock and I start to gain serious grou……*bang crash* Nooooo I have found a roaming Dracocolattl!

I am stuck and now the griffon is circling above, waiting for me either waste my energy by slaying this sweet behomoth or get sent to the big cube in the sky so it can swoop down and devour my remainings. Wait what’s that I see 3 trivia coming to my rescue, the roaming dragon turns to those faithful few allowing me to glance up through theĀ Trove Flux for sale. The griffon is gone. This was all in vain . I see that these heroes have it handled so I find I go back to hub. As I talk to other people about this they tell me of stories of a spooky balefire beast in the old hub tunnels. I ask for directions and I thank them. I am on my way

I am now freshly arrived with my pr 19.3k revanant. Off in the distance I spot a figure in the fog. I approach it only to be relieved, for it is only saltwater sam. But now I found a cornerstone plot and I start digging far down on the edges of the plot. After 3 minutes I find a opening to the tunnels. It is dark. I find gravestones with names everywhere. Some include Chronozilla and Uniquisher. I have heard of those names before , I belong to Uniquisher’s club VoxelBusters, and Chronozilla is a name I have hears quite often. Besides that I see balefire droppings everywhere, which leads to a 1 block wide endless hole. After 1 hour of searching I think I have found my destination.

I jump down the hole periodically jumping once to get rid of the mounting speed. I fall on a pile bones. As I check around I find a box containing a shadow ganda, and egg contains stubs dragon, and the levitating broomstick. This is weird, all these mounts have been in the games code (FOR A VERY LONG TIME) and before this discovery, has been thought to be unreleased. I hear a sound of air rushing then a thud. The griffon is here. It sees me and doesn’t waste time. It jumps on top of me and already I’m at a struggle, this isn’t going to be easy. I quickly catch the beak hid way through the beating and I use my strength to Buy Trove Flux throw it against the wall. A few jet black feathers fall to the ground. The griffon jumps but as it reaches it’s peak I jab it in the stomach, it releases a shriek of pain, then a low hiss. It jumps up and scratch’s me in the face then rams me with its side into the wall, i hit it in the head with my shield then I kick it hard with my foot. I have glowing green splatter on my shield. The fight had just began.

Finally as it seems I am about to vanquish the beast, I trip and it makes a break for it. On the way out it it takes that box of unreleased mounts. I try to chase it but I only have 34 jump, the hole is atleast 150 blocks high. It seems as though I will never get out of here.

This is the most interesting thing I have seen in the land of trove, its certainly majestic. The way that thing attacked me relentlessly, it was Neverending. That griffon was, how do I explain it. Undead. It was a necromance. I need a name for this beast. How about Neverending necromancer.

That man was never seen again, it is a myth to if this journal was even real. Everyone said this man must have been the RNG gods favorite trovian. He at one time 4 ganda sitting in his inventory, he was also the only man to ever see this griffon.
-journal found on October 31st 2015 by gaugekelley1, unknown author

gaugekelley1- I found this journal in a random cursed vale dungeon alongside a a jet black feather and scratch marks with balefire splatter on the journal. This beast sounds astonishishing, I find one and tame it!