Trove: for a mix signature between Trove and Defiance

If possible the club name should be in the center and around it some hellbugs and something trovelike , no idea what that could be maybe only some blocks. But if you have a better idea for a mix signature between Trove and Defiance that would be nice too.

Overall my work comes out nicely since I know a lot about design. Might make a new one soon lol I’m just shocked no one never asks me to make anything. That deer logo in my signature, hand drawn, scanned and vectorize it in illustrator haha.

I don’t really scan my work as much as I used to. I’ve been getting better with using GIMP which is what I primarily use now. Don’t have the money to throw at Photoshop. That being said I do kinda wanna attempt to make my own signature through the Trove Flux for sale. I still need to make my own profile picture for stream. I love drawing but I’m also so lazy.

For Sindrawolf’s signature, the “S” is a little covered so it looks like “indrawolf.” Kinda bugs me personally but I’m not saying you’re terrible or trying to point out mistakes. It’s pretty normal in the design field that your peers point out your mistakes. Happened to me a lot when I started college which I didn’t mind at all so I hope you don’t think a design student is trying to smash on you.

It’s not even portfolio worthy since those signatures are just bs I learn when I was like 13 years old from YouTube tutorials. I’m 19 now. I don’t have time to whip up a professional design signature. It wouldn’t make sense to do one anyways if I wasn’t going to include it in my portfolio. The only time I do something professional is school work. Plus, Trove isn’t mine so I have no intentions on making anything professional looking with it. I would only disappoint the people who see that kind of work from me basically.

I hate to be that guy but I agree with fallow here. And also it’s just a little weird for me that the skin is dark because I’m very pale irl. I imagine that was the only hair you could get but it also just looks weird to Buy Trove Flux. So unfortunately I’m probably not going to use this and make my own once they fix that screenshot bug. I think someone said I could rebind the key but idk. Again I’m really sorry. If it helps at all I’m also an artist which would explain me being picky. I’ve always just been too lazy to make a signature. I like the other ones but sadly not this one. I’m sorry.

Nah you don’t have to redo them. I’d much rather just do my own anyways since I have a very specific design in my head that you’d be unable to do. On the note of free program though GIMP is a free program and is a lot like photoshop but harder to use. I wouldn’t try getting Photoshop for free because you can’t trust those sources not to mess up your computer.

Trove: buy a golden egg you directly unlock the dragon

I cried a bit when I was so desperate to finish crafting my prim dragon so I brought like 4 greater caches, and definitely the challenges are always laggy.. sometimes i even try to Buy Trove Flux do it alone if the bonus is one of my classes that are decent to solo on its own. What i hate is when someone follows me because I’m clearing dungeons fast af then I get lag. I wish i can baseball bat someone away honestly.

I find the way you get Dragon Coins now are just freaking stupid. Trion wants to increase the “value” or “rarity” of Dragons probably because they’re freaking Dragons but they don’t realize they screwed that up a long time ago with caches and so now everybody who played before has Dragons. It’s just been made harder for casual players, new players, or players who quit for a decent amount of time. Messed up and time-gated as hell.

If you can manage to ge enough flux and buy a golden egg you directly unlock the dragon without using your coins by the Trove Flux for sale. But the othe challenge is to gather flux… but in my opinion it’s way faster to gather like 500kf-1M flux than 1000 dragon coins through challenges. And I think you will lose more money buyin greater caches to get 1000 coins rather than get an egg imo.

agreed, iv been here since alpha and I’m here, well, as much as I can be and I’m constantly seeing peeps get DDE all the time but I still haven’t gotten even one and I need three? its bad enough that I’m like 4 away from a yellow name, now they want to increase cap again soon too? that being the case I wont even bother trying to get the last 4 I need … between the DDE and yellow name, totally discouraging, maybe its time to find something else to play … but honestly iv been thinking that for along time now for lots of reasons.

They’ve been talking about raising the limit for months and there’s been a tonne of mastery injected since. You can’t expect the game to wait for you if you’re taking it casual, the yellow name is meant to show the most dedicated and it’s already easy to get. The top people are almost 500 mastery rank!