Trove once provided a very unique gameplay experience

Trove once provided a very unique gameplay experience in regards to allowing a beautiful balance of voxel-sandbox elements, crafting, collecting, professions, PvE progression, and character progression. It was great to have a game that allowed its players to play it in so many different ways without any specific aspect being pushed as the “correct” way to play.

Very recently I have been yearning to return to Trove (and thus lurking about on the forums more than I normally would) because nostalgia and memories remind me of a special feeling that no other game ever gave me. Unfortunately, this game is not that game, regardless of how much my rose-tinted goggles may want it to be haha.

I was certainly never much of a builder or collector, and was indeed essentially just a PvE player, but I enjoyed the community and the fact that you could progress to the “end” fairly easily and then do whatever it is you wished with your time without being at a particular disadvantage for the Cheap Trove Flux. Logging in and deciding you were going to work on some building, or perhaps gather some recipes/styles, or level some professions, do some trading, or simply adventure a bit despite being maxed already provided a wonderful sense of freedom without any pressure to complete a certain activity in a certain time-frame.

Honestly the focus on progression and combat aren’t even so bad. The concept of augmenting/improving class abilities is really neat. It would just be nice to see the intensity of such a focus be dialed back and some love returned to building, collecting, and non-combat elements of the game. One of Trove’s strongest draws in its early days was the fact that it catered to so many different sandbox and MMO elements so evenly. At this point of decline I am certain focusing attention on quality-of-life improvements, play-ability improvements, and non-combat aspects would be more popular than not with players, especially since the constant evolution of combat progression leaves so many players in the dust.

Of course those that know me have already heard my words and opinions already, and those that are part of the newer Trove community will simply see it as senseless ramblings since they have ‘grown up’ with a different type of Trove that they are perfectly happy with buy trove flux online. I still cling to some hope that one day the game will take a shift towards its casual and no-pressure roots once more though, then I can come home and the Church of Q’bthulhu can begin spreading its tendrils throughout the world as Q’bthulhu would have wanted.

TL;DR: Too many timers, bonuses, moving goal-posts, special promotions/events/offers of complete X in Y time or be left behind. Heavy-handed focus on RNG and progression which robs the game of its soul and relaxing nature by pushing players to constantly focus on a grind-wall, limited-time event, etc. rather than slowing down and having care-free fun. Same complaints as a year ago haha.