Albion Online Balance Changes

So one of the bigger turn offs for me in this patch is that the Nature Staff Heal over time has been changed rather drastically, essentially creating a scenario where on the 4th cast of HoT, you end up removing the heal over time and instead give the player you are healing your mana (the ratio seemed to be 1:1).

For me, this creates a couple issues with the spell, it makes it extremely difficult to use instead of minor balance because mana and sustainability outside of a 1vs1 scenario is already a big issue.
Before any amounts of over healing was inefficient for mana, but was also an easy way to play the class. This is much more noticeable with the .3 line which has a much higher mana cost for the Q vs the .2 and .1 line. I feel like there isn’t going to be many scenarios that justify giving the 4th tick (or mana) to the player while cutting the HoT early. It seems like less of a new mechanic and more of punishment to players who spam Q (which is already a bad way of playing) in response to a lot of pressure instead of slowly building up the Hot.

Maybe I am wrong about this and some godly healer / min-maxer can explain how the new mechanic is not just an over the top nerf to the Hot,so,it is Albion Online Items.

To me it would of made more sense to increase the maximum number of ticks and uptime, while reduce the mana cost, healing, allowing for a finer control of the heal over time or making the mana returned much more potent.

The bigger issue I have is that for PvP at least the mushroom cloud is just not viable in a lot of instances, and this has gone unchanged, meaning the only way for nature staff users to continue to PvP is to adapt to these new HoT mechanics and essentially take a hit to the overall way of playing the class.

TL;DR: This patch removes options and does a lot less for nature staff users on a weapon by weapon basis. Please consider looking into more options for the nature staff that don’t involve removing current playstyles.


FIFA 15 Custom Tactic – Everything on 100

So I was bored the other day and played Champions Shield. I’ve always wondered how my team will play if I set everything on 100. I played with standard tactic in the first half of the first round and the opponent lead 1-0 to the half break. I then got bored so I turned everything to 100 in my custom tactic settings. I totally dominated the 2nd half and I won the fifa 15 coins game 2-1 (His keeper played a great match and got 9 in rating. I should win much more)

In the quarter finals I met this team:

I set everything to 100 before the game and my team played really well. The match ended 4-4 and I won the penalty shoot-out. The reasons I conceded 4 goals is because Zlatan is freaking impossible to stop. He scored from every impossible angles.

In the semifinal I lead 3-1 against an opponent with clearly better players than me (Bale, Neymar, Suarez… And I usually lose to those opponents fairly). Sadly I lost 4-3 because I conceded 2 unlucky goals on corner (2 own goals, lmao)… I think I deserved to win that game but I felt unlucky for losing it due to 2 mistakes from my Al’s.

However I think my team plays much better when I set everything to 100. I did it for a joke but now I really need to use it more cheap fifa coins. Give it a try! Also sorry for my English.

FIFA 15 1.05 Patch release, Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

A new patch for Fifa 15 has been released on all platforms, along with the patch we also have patch notes listing what’s new in the update. The patch has been released for the PS4, fifa 15 coins PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PC.

The FIFA 15 1.05 patch is sized at 328.3MB, on Xbox One it’s 250MB, on PC it’s 200MB, and around 50MB on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The patch’s main additions are the new MLS teams, namely Orlando City FC and New York City FC. The patch also improves stability to match day functions, online seasons and pro clubs. FIFA Ultimate team players will also find an improved ‘compare price’ function when searching for consumables.

Check out the full FIFA 15 1.05 patch notes below:

Now if only EA could fix the passing, then I would be a happy camper. So what do you guys think of the new patch? Happy with the new changes? Or were you expecting something else? Let us know in the comments below.

Has anybody had any of these issue?

I am playing on fifa coins xbox 360 and every time i play a match on UT i am having the same issue.

When i go into a game my game settings have default back to default, so the camera setting, height etc are back to normal.

Next is problem is the formation. When you pause the game the management screen shows the correct formation, but when you select it, it shows some random formation.

These things i can just change back and it stays like that for the rest of the match (i get the same thing when playing a new match)

The final in play issue i have is the biggest as i cant change the settings back. This is my custom tactic. If when playing a match i go to the tactics, select my custom and select edit, rather than showing everything how i put it, it shows everything as 0s and positioning as organised (see screen shot, sorry the quality). If i try to change it back then save it, it just goes back to 0s straight away again.

The only way i have managed to fix this issue temporary is to delete the fifa 15 coins from the xbox hdd, but this only fixes the issue for 1-2 games. Has anybody else have these issues or know how to fix them ?

Ideas and Suggestions for Fifa 16

I would like to see a buy fifa 15 coins return of the training mode found in Practice arena.

With the option to press X or square after scoring for a replay.

I would also like to see that when simulating a game other than calender simulation or your injured, the game may or may not offer you a chance to play and come on as a sub. When the game starts it will show the substitute animation.
This cannot take place after the 75th minute, otherwise It would be pointless.

Other than being injured in training players can fall sick, or have to attend to personal matters which can rule them out of one game but this only happens very rarely.

The Arena lobbies would also be a great addition for manual players like myself, though I am aware that in the previous versions, there weren’t a lot of people using them.

As an extra, I would like more and more fluid cheap fifa 15 coins animations.
E.G, my player will go to walk away then suddenly flip 180 degrees to raise his hand about a card.
It would be better if he turned around or the referee called the player to him.

how do i FIFA 15 beat 4312 41212’s 4321’s 442

im a avid 433 user avid 4231 (2) user and well these formations i face i say 8 out of 10 fifa 15 coins games.

they clog up the middle i can’t move get on the wing do anything really. its usually a pacey team that fits this mold it gets constant one pass counters to the strikers or cam. long through balls always working i jsut dont get what i got to do.

its worse then how op 352 was years back.

Cut in between the full back and the CDM just behind the winger/cm. there’s almost always space. Chops and berba spins are great too if he double man presses.

Tbh though – 4231(1&2) are significantly harder to break down imo. At least with false 9 as they make it so hard for the cf to operate

See i use 4231 (2) and it gets murdered on the counter worse then 433(4)

i really don’t get what your saying.

i personally just switched my 433 serie a team to a 4312 taking out canderva and el shawarry and im not scoring every chance but im still only getting under 10 shots a game.

i feel the formations i use just get out beat by anything with a cam and two strikers. 433(4) is now on my do not play list.

i search cheap fifa 15 coins for hours on end for one match because of all the exploits and these clog the middle high pressuer formations.

FIFA 15 Player Ratings: Neymar, Sergio Aguero, And Thomas Muller Included In Next 10 Ranks Of Top 50

With the major European football leagues well under way for the 2014-15 season and FIFA coins 15’s release date approaching, EA Sports has begun to announce the player ratings in the upcoming title.

EA Access Will Expand In September, Includes NHL 15 And FIFA 15 Early Access Trials
The developers are releasing the top 50 players according to their ratings, which began with those ranked 50 to 41 and moved on to the next set yesterday. Today EA Sports moves on to the next 10 players, who are all 86 overall.
Destiny PS4 Exclusive Map Exodus Blue Details Video
I have a bit of an issue with the way players are rated in the FIFA series, which you can read on the initial rankings post, but here are the newly announced players ranked 30 to 21 regardless:
86 Overall: Neymar, Mats Hummels, Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller, Marco Reus, Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Yaya Toure, Xavi

A packed tier, with all 10 players in today’s reveal falling within the same rating, but mostly a fair one across the board. If there were to be changes, I would likely rate Muller and Aguero higher for their unorthodox effectiveness and ruthlessly clinical nature, respectively. Di Maria and Yaya Toure had great seasons, as well, and bumping any of those players to 87 is pretty justifiable.

Xavi’s age has seen his generational talents decline, while Rooney is touch and go in some areas of his game. I’m surprised Neymar isn’t higher given the hype around the Brazilian prodigy, but I think this rating is accurate–he wasn’t overly convincing for Barcelona last season. I’m not sure Ozil deserves to be higher than Fabregas (who is, again, rated too lowly at just an 84), but Hummels is probably in the right place. Check fifa 15 coins back for more player ratings as they come from EA Sports leading up to the game’s September 23 North America release date.