‘FIFA 15’ PS4 And Xbox One Graphics: New Trailer Shows Super Realistic Player Faces, Moving Hair, Pitch Damage & More

FIFA 15 looked good–but not dramatically better than its predecessor–in its debut trailer at fifa coins ps3, but a new video from EA Sports shows off some marked improvements that weren’t clearly displayed in the initial footage.

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The trailer focuses mostly on the improvements to the player models, and the upgrades are pretty staggering. The player renders were hit and miss in terms of resembling their real-life counterparts in FIFA 14, but that seems to have changed in the upcoming title–and they look much more realistic on the whole.

A new modelling system (explained and demonstrated in the trailer below) allowed the developers to create much more accurate versions of player faces. Chelsea and Belgium’s Eden Hazard in FIFA 15 looks frighteningly similar to the young star in reality: welcome to the uncanny valley. Other players who never looked quite right resemble the real players much more than before, which the narrator credits to the new lighting system.

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Another improvement is “visible breathing”, demonstrated in the trailer as a player breathing heavily (presumably after a long run or late in the game). Also added are more realistically moving hair and clothing, which I’m assuming were added solely so that Cavani’s luscious locks can flow in the wind as he runs the field like a warrior out of an ancient Greek epic.

Kits will get dirty with grass and mud stains as the game goes on, and (as shown in the debut trailer) the pitch will get damaged and roughed up as the match continues. Stadiums will boast moving LED ad boards, and nets and corner flags will move when struck by the ball. FIFA 15 coins launches on last and current generation consoles, as well as PC, PS Vita, and 3DS this September.