POE: Fortify and onslaught are easy to get

Melee stun fits perfectly with warlord’s mark+Blasphemy for stuns and charge generation which doesn’t take long to get at max charges and usually you’re always at max charges anyways once you start clearing.

However bleed is severely lacking and unrewarding mechanic in this game. If you want to run a bleed build you have basically 3 options. jack the axe, rive, or Atziri’s disfavor. Nevermind that most the community cant afford to buy a 11ex axe and the other two items are underwhelming at times. If you are not a Gladiator you can get 21% “chance to cause bleeding with melee attacks” although 5% of that is relegated to a god damn sword cluster.

Well voted A because its more useful I think and matches base theme. However onslaught on fortify is unbeatable, as its not only perma onslaught for champions, it also makes fortify gem a %increased damage with the POE ORBS For Sell, attack and movement speed gem while making you more tanky. This item with onslaught mod will be for melee like shavs is for low life.

Fortify and onslaught are easy to get anyway and there is a big problem with bosses that cannot be stunned, arguably when fortify is most needed. Hybrid armour and evasion builds will have enough armour to negate damage of white mobs anyway. Not to mention the map mods with monsters cannot be stunned. FORTIFY OPTION IS BAD FOR LATEGAME, note the 70 lvl base.

IMO the best one is undervoted right now, the bleed one. 20% chance to bleed = every 5th hit is bleed. You basicaly have perma bleed all the time, since base bleed duration is 5 seconds. So you get free puncture, 1 gem worth of power. Also it works on ranged that dont have good bleed sources except some ascendencies.

There is a ton of sources to get Onslaught, but with permanent Fortify from champion as class, you get permanent Onslaught as well. Now you can drop the Silver Flask and any other sources of Onslaught for something better. Champion’s Fortify is not only for melee, range characters can access it too.

While option C is interesting, it is also another thing I find annoying to have a % within another %, which GGG pretty much did with Assassin’s bleed/maim/poison. Too much RNG in mechanics is playing a dangerous game. Aligning the star is not easy unless you can fast forward 50 times the rate.

Blind is nice for everything but spells, and the issue for evasion-based character is still present……physical spells. If instead of blind, it was something like phasing, then I would find option C even more attractive.

I actually have option A has my second favorite choice since it is not too hard to taunt with Champion and the warcry skills, so there is some good synergy there. Sadly though, permanent onslaught is too good to pass up.

Anyway, yeah. 2x more frenzy/endurance charges and 50% duration, or 20% blind on every hit (with voidheart, or reach of the council/puncture, etc). The options are all fine but they’re strong enough by themselves for the belt theme to be skippable.

it’s weird seeing an EV+AR unique and the first property being very cool and thematic, just for the choices for secondary property to be completely off-theme and just juggling with existing things none of which are actually ‘unique’.

actually, this brings up an issue with ascendancy (imo)- things that are hard to get are interesting. once you get 100s of ways to get something, theyre no longer interesting. elemental conflux is cool and interesting- because you can only get it currently in one place for the Path of Exile Items. onslaught USED to be interesting when you could barely get it, now it’s like in 15 different places. I used to play a dual claw build with daressos defiance back in what, nemesis time, and one of the reasons why I liked that chest was onslaught.

50% increased charge duration isn’t for people who have all the charge duration nodes on the tree. It’s for people who don’t have them. Being able to maintain 3-4 Frenzy and Endurance charges easily as an INT character would be really useful I think.