Has anybody had any of these issue?

I am playing on fifa coins xbox 360 and every time i play a match on UT i am having the same issue.

When i go into a game my game settings have default back to default, so the camera setting, height etc are back to normal.

Next is problem is the formation. When you pause the game the management screen shows the correct formation, but when you select it, it shows some random formation.

These things i can just change back and it stays like that for the rest of the match (i get the same thing when playing a new match)

The final in play issue i have is the biggest as i cant change the settings back. This is my custom tactic. If when playing a match i go to the tactics, select my custom and select edit, rather than showing everything how i put it, it shows everything as 0s and positioning as organised (see screen shot, sorry the quality). If i try to change it back then save it, it just goes back to 0s straight away again.


The only way i have managed to fix this issue temporary is to delete the fifa 15 coins from the xbox hdd, but this only fixes the issue for 1-2 games. Has anybody else have these issues or know how to fix them ?