Some MapleStory feedback regarding chairs

When i say well established characters I’m referring to main character or second main, basically a character you have been playing for a long time and participated in many events and gameplay over time.

I have all 96 set-up slots unlocked on my main character, 67 chairs are untradable including 12 slot chair bag. 29 chairs can be moved within the account or traded fully. I’m worried that if I still play my main I will eventually run out of space to participate in events that bring chairs.

This is also why I’m not getting tickets for the Gachapon that includes special chair sales because I have to little room for chairs, I “need” to save the precious slots I have left for event Cheap MapleStory Mesos chairs. I could obviously hoard them on alts, but I don’t enjoy them as much then. I do tend to shift out some of the chairs I don’t have room for on my main every now and then, so that’s fine.

Feedback regarding space: Generally I noticed that we have very little space in many ways, specially for characters that are not well established. For new characters I think that’s expected, I think letting characters progress over time fun and part of game play. As long as there are free ways to increase inventory over time I don’t think the actual inventory system is problematic.


The aim of the core Albion Online group

BC leadership still play together along some of it’s members. We have learned our lesson not to mass recruit due to horrible guild management mechanics personal limitations. The aim of the core group that now sticks together is still to stay competitive as in previous tests but 1st of all to have fun playing together with people you know and trust got your back.

To sum this up, alot of bad decisions or lack of communicating together with mass recruiting is bad mmmkay. We learned our lesson and I hope players that talk shit about their leadership without acting in a productive way eventually get what is coming. For the people that got treated unfair, I know some of you have. I apology and I wish you the best of luck in the future. yo rexi dont fuck up my rep, im temporarily in Albion Online Gold friendship and positivity and theres basically no one else in it, and i wasnt on yesterday so i seriously doubt we allied to get access to your someone stole your shit, but it wasnt me, no need to make it out like FAP was involved when im basically the only member in it… the rest of old BC went into a guild called Varsity Squad, not FAP.

My point is, whatever happened since ive been gone, literally at work and sleeping, I had nothing to do with it and before I went to sleep there was only me and 4 others ledt in FAP who hadn’t left for Varsity.

Whoever did rip you off I think it was a shitty move, no matter if they’re mad at BC or not you werent to blame for any of it and personally I think you were always good guys.On Albion Online Silver topic though, sad to see that the butthurt runs so deep in ex-BC that they’d go after Finstack that has done nothing but help them and were in no way involved with the internal collapse of the guild.

Get enough MapleStory coins for skins

When the Reboot patch came out, you guys went into unscheduled.maintenance nearly 3 days in a row. One of the unscheduled maintenances was 17 hours. You also extended the original patch by a few more hours as well. Not only that, but for those days it was even up, people were disconnecting left and right on the worlds outside of Reboot (And more-so on Reboot). I saw people from my guild, alliance, and friends list logging on CONSTANTLY (1-3 people logging on per second and making blooping sounds; which was grating to say the least).

Not to mention before the Reboot patch, you guys also extended the Junk Food event poorly, because the quest to give you 20 coins Cheap MapleStory Mesos daily was glitched for several days and hardly anybody who didn’t grind for them nonstop could get enough coins for skins, only for it to be extend by a few days. You then release the Reboot Patch and then go into unscheduled maintenance for most of the last day so ANYONE who didn’t (Or couldn’t, because of the maintenance or any other life reasons) turn in their coins at basically 5am, didn’t get their rewards from the shop and you didn’t extend it by another day for doing so.

You already had to bring back the egg event from messing up the dates in the event book (That glitched out once it was brought back AGAIN, when it was supposed to be active. This information I gathered from a ton of people in the game that didn’t already complete it like I did. Another example of me completing something most people couldn’t, and yet here I am posting this about Sizzling Santa.) Good job.

With all of these variables weighed in, I was still able to get friends to do PQs the “First day” (AKA several days in, once the worlds were somewhat MapleStory Mesos stable and actually online), so pretty much around the 5th day of the event or so (To show how I’ve been trying to do this event actively since the beginning). Even with all of that being said, there were still complications.

Combination of fame and Albion Online quests

I would also agree with area restriction in the form of certificates to avoid any backfire from the “this is sandbox and you should be able to roam freely” crowd, whether it’s fame, combination of fame and quests, or anything else that needs a relevant amount of time to achieve, it should be shown as acquired certificates to access that will be requested by gate npc guardians (so the gating can have some sort of lore behind to justify), on top of it a considerable amount of guardians will roam the lands, if you are afk within a certain time to show the certificate on demand (which could just be a click to confirm or a more complex randomised position/color/texture procedure to avoid bypass by visual recognition based autoclickers), they will attack you.

This sounds as a good partial solution if you think you can’t totally stop it at least try to make it as painful and as time consuming as you can.

What about making it bannable as and exploit of Albion Online Gold game mechanics?, think bans cause of insulting people are much more arbitrary than this bans would be it’s pretty obvious when you are doing it.Also what you could do to at least damper the effectiveness of it is to increase blue dungeon log out time, short log out+naked scouting makes T7 blue dungeons almost 0 risk and you still getting the extra reward that’s intended for high risk fame farming.

Tip good Albion Online musicians

1 – Improve 1v1 combat. I like group combat, don’t get me wrong, but I hope that 1v1 is more skill-based and it’s possible to for solo pvp roaming, which would mean some ability to slow/stun to secure a kill from someone retreating as well as preventing or knocking someone off a horse.

2 – Introduce specialized and specific quests, but only a small number of them. I view Albion Online as kind of a spiritual successor to Albion Online Silver (its so casual now I can’t even call it Runescape) and I would love to see a few but well-thought out and unique quests implemented.

3 – Add more social and RPG elements. One I would love, the ability to craft musical instruments as well as the ability to train in the skill of playing musical instruments to entertain people in taverns. SWG had a system like that, it was great, you could even tip good musicians. An addition to this, eating food could have a quick option and a realistic option. The quick option gives some benefits, the realistic option takes a few minutes, which provides more value for entertainers.

Basically, make solo play a bit more interesting and viable, and make the world pop a bit more. But overall, the base that exists is really good, I can’t wait for it to officially launch.

Searching Albion Online multibox diablo 3

That isn’t how most multibox players run multiple accounts. The software pass key press, mouse movement and clicks to the other windows. So one client is played the other clients are shadows. The shadows aren’t directly played but they aren’t bots either.

It would be difficult to multibox without all having premium. Sure you could grind it out but if one has premium, that one will be geared much faster. So best case is for all the accounts to have Premium at least for the first month, then buy it with silver. Remember that Cheap Albion Online Gold gearing is x times harder because of needing more gear and x times more expensive. It’d also be harder in PvP if the shadows are separated from the main. Sure the shadows can be directly controlled but getting them all together is difficult and by then, you’ve lost the main or alts.

You can see how it’s done by just using google and searching multibox diablo 3 as an example.This a delicate issue for many games like Albion. I personally focus on trading and crafting in these games so I would like to be able to check prices on demand. For EVE you can technically do this but you would have to pay monthly if you want it truly live (running two accounts).

However I didn’t want to pay that so I sent some other characters on the account to major hubs I traded in. I would have to switch characters which is annoying and time consuming but way better then paying an extra $15 a month. Since this games is Albion Mall free to play I would definitely want to run at least two characters to check prices. However in the end because this games is free to play I think it might be best to prevent any of these activities.

Hunt People In A Red Albion Online Zone

I have my account and my brother has their own account, we will be playing at same time in the same house in different computers, but we are two different person if this is not an issue i prefer “no”.

You wanna play pvp and check the prices of some item or do some craft ok, but if we do that we can kill a lot of roles in the game like Albion Mall merchants, farmers, crafters because all this roles will be alts, another reason is that you can’t focus in two things at same time and even if you can, this will prejudiced your response time. So relax for few minutes doing some craft or chatting then go back to the frontline.

Multi boxing should not be allowed as previous people have stated it dose ruin the Game, It is no longer about community, its who can run the largest number of a bots and gather resources or hunt people in a Red zone. 5 bots all hitting you at the same time will hurt. now on the other hand multiple accounts in a household is a different story, so long as there is somebody at the controls and not an automated system controlling a toon.

Just because it isn’t easily enforceable doesn’t mean it should be allowed. I don’t see a problem with having multiple accounts and logging in to multiple characters at once. I don’t think it really hurts anyone and it will be convenient when trading items between my characters. I could be Albion Online Silver convinced otherwise though.I’m not ok with multiple people using a single account (a shared guild crafting account for example). That gives an unfair advantage and lets that character progress faster than normal. It also makes it harder for dedicated crafters. No guild needs them because, “Oh, we use a guild crafting account”.