FIFA 15 Seasons needs an overhaul!

Everyone uses 5 star teams. I never find an opponent with a lesser rated team. I think what needs is how FIFA Interactive World Cup was back in fifa 15 coins PS4. Every team was rated the same, it’s the same level playing field for all and not everyone will use Chelsea, Bayern, PSG, Barcelona, or Real Madrid.

I have played ONE game of Seasons since I bought the game. That is how God awful it is. What Seasons needs is a lobby room where you can chat with ppl and CHALLENGE them. With this room you can also ask for 1-4* games and you can challenge others to a game of MANUAL. Imagine you go into a room of about 50 ppl. Your chances of finding the game you want will be VERY HIGH compared to the crappy Seasons system that Fifa has made. Not to mention the SPEED of the game play is ridiculously fast and most ppl did not like it on Fifa15. Those who play on Manual should also be RANKED higher since it takes a lot more skill to measure, weigh, and aim a pass/shot. There is no more skill anymore to Fifa… Even nubs just pick Madrid/Barca and win with ease.

So for example you set your settings for the match you want in the lobby and next to your game everyone in the lobby can see your Latency / 1-5*game/ game speed/Controllers/ Ranked/Unranked… How fkin hard can that be?? Even the PS3 had 1000000000000000000000x better online settings.

Seasons might as well be renamed Real Madrid mode.

Highlights how arcadey and poor this Fifa to me, skill gap has all but been eliminated as every game is just a sprint fest. So everyone needs to choose the fastest and most effective team to ensure they win.

I remember on Fifa 10 or 12 I could choose a championship team and still beat the best teams in the game if I was better than my opponent, those days are long gone. It’s probably the most brainless Fifa ever created, zero reward for patient and clever play, the most effective way is to play ultra high pressure winning the ball high up the pitch and immediately launch through-ball/chip-though-ball you could train a monkey to do it, and he’d probably have a decent win ratio.

Hopefully some big changes will be made as I’m fed up with losing trying to play good football rather than playing like a brain dead fifa coins robot which is unfortunately the most effective style.


Good FIFA 15 CM team

There’s a few at Villa, we’ve had a torrid couple of seasons and have potential to be back up there (used to finish 6th/7th a few seasons ago) and have won European Cup before so Champion’s League potential. Clark, Okore, Delph and obviously Benteke are decent youngsters to use, Grealish gets cheap fifa 15 coins into high 80s. Also, Randy Learner (owner) is looking to sell in real life so a new manager/owner kind of story with or without a financial takeover is quite realistic & good fun. West Ham are always a favorite, Morrison, Carrol, Jenkinson and Reed all have potential above 80, Burnley/Leicester are good for a challenge but don’t have too many decent youngsters, Burnley have Ings and Trippier though. All have proper stadiums too which is nice.

As for C’ship I’d say Watford are a good option, few decent youngsters (Vydra (on loan), Murray) and are pushing for promotion irl. Nottingham Forest (Lascelles, Darlow (although they’re on loan from Newcastle), Patterson and Assombalonga), Sheffield Wednesday (Stevie May starts pretty high and gets up to high 70s) and Derby (Hughes (obvs), Hendrick & Russell). All teams with a few good youngsters who should really be in the Prem imo. Bournemouth are currently top irl and have a couple of decent youngsters (Gosling, Fraser & Matthews). Think they have a pretty small budget though.

If you really fancy a challenge, Sheffield United are a decent team to do, they were playing in the Prem about 8-9 years ago (can’t remember exactly) but are currently down in League One. They don’t have many youngsters but they are known irl for producing decent academy fifa coins players (Kyle Walker & Phil Jagielka both came from their academy) so you could invest in youth team scouting and try to get decent young players from there.

Last minute FIFA 15 transfer update shocks

We now have 24 hours to go until FIFA 15 coins players find out which big names have made the surprise move to a different club at the last minute.

We can see that many gamers are asking what time does the transfer window shut in UK and for those that are still not aware, it’s 11pm GMT on Monday February 2.

As always, EA will be keeping a close eye on the action as they prepare to put the FIFA 15 transferred players into the database as soon as possible.

The developer has been very swift this year, by moving players around almost instantly after they have moved – we saw evidence of this with the likes of Wilfried Bony and Samuel Eto’o, who are now no longer at Swansea and Everton respectively.

The question is, who are you expecting to see in a last minute FIFA 15 deadline day transfer update? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Danny Ings to Liverpool, while Manchester United fans may not be happy to hear that Januzaj may be moving to Everton on loan.

Meanwhile Chelsea FC fans are sweating on a possible Juan Cuadrado deal and Man City may be trying to secure a move for Real Madrid’s Pepe.

Either way, this is one of the most exciting days to be a FIFA 15 player. If you are keeping an eye on the latest transfer rumors, let us know your last minute predictions and who you want to see at your fifa coins club.

Winter-wear after FIFA 15 player edit

Does anyone know why there is still the bug of losing a fifa 15 coins players winter-wear/ long-sleeves after you edit his boots in career mode?

If I edit my players to wear the boots that are actively made available in the catalogue after starting a career mode – during winter they revert to wearing short-sleeves and lose their underarmour. You instantly lose authenticity of the player to his real-life self. It’s particularly annoying with goalkeepers, where EA don’t seem interested in applying the branded gloves which are in their game (instead they leave most with EA gloves), so if you want to kit your GK out in authentic gloves and avoid the terrible EA ones, you end up with a GK wearing short-sleeves in winter (this looks odd) and a lot of PL goalkeepers, will never wear short-sleeves in real life. In fact it’s rare for GK shirts to even be made in short-sleeves.

Why would EA not correct this? I think the issue was there in 2013?? Terrible!

*I understand not everyone will appreciate this level of detail fifa coins*

FIFA 15 Player Ratings: Neymar, Sergio Aguero, And Thomas Muller Included In Next 10 Ranks Of Top 50

With the major European football leagues well under way for the 2014-15 season and FIFA coins 15’s release date approaching, EA Sports has begun to announce the player ratings in the upcoming title.

EA Access Will Expand In September, Includes NHL 15 And FIFA 15 Early Access Trials
The developers are releasing the top 50 players according to their ratings, which began with those ranked 50 to 41 and moved on to the next set yesterday. Today EA Sports moves on to the next 10 players, who are all 86 overall.
Destiny PS4 Exclusive Map Exodus Blue Details Video
I have a bit of an issue with the way players are rated in the FIFA series, which you can read on the initial rankings post, but here are the newly announced players ranked 30 to 21 regardless:
86 Overall: Neymar, Mats Hummels, Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller, Marco Reus, Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Yaya Toure, Xavi

A packed tier, with all 10 players in today’s reveal falling within the same rating, but mostly a fair one across the board. If there were to be changes, I would likely rate Muller and Aguero higher for their unorthodox effectiveness and ruthlessly clinical nature, respectively. Di Maria and Yaya Toure had great seasons, as well, and bumping any of those players to 87 is pretty justifiable.

Xavi’s age has seen his generational talents decline, while Rooney is touch and go in some areas of his game. I’m surprised Neymar isn’t higher given the hype around the Brazilian prodigy, but I think this rating is accurate–he wasn’t overly convincing for Barcelona last season. I’m not sure Ozil deserves to be higher than Fabregas (who is, again, rated too lowly at just an 84), but Hummels is probably in the right place. Check fifa 15 coins back for more player ratings as they come from EA Sports leading up to the game’s September 23 North America release date.

Toty attackers effect on FIFA 15 NIFs

What will happen with the 3 more expansives toty’s and NIF’S?

Messi is around 4.4 now on pc, 3 on fifa 15 coins ps.
When his TOTY will show up his IF and RB will drop (I guess), but what will happen to his NIF? will drop too or it will follow the other toty’s trend to bump up after out of packs? Same question for Ronaldo and Robben , would like to see what happened last year.

If you are going to get NIF Messi. You should probably get him now or RIGHT when the attackers come out. People want those cards but as soon as they realize they cant afford them, they will settle for the NIF

Its so hard to choose what to do because everytime I plan to buy him he go first for cheap and then up.. people said to buy last sunday but from monday he lost again more then 1m (pc).
4Ms are always 4ms , sure they will not sell him to buy the best version that I guess wil flood their market?

It’s difficult to time this, I sold him last week for 3.6 planning on buying either now or tomorrow hoping for a 50k fifa coins packs offer like yesterday. anyway it’s about 350k of coins that i will be spending on packs.

How To Get FIFA fourteen Coins

Football is a reasonably quick game, but a extremely exciting one. It retains you on the edge of your seat until the previous minute. If you are a FIFA fan, you no longer have to wait for a tournament to indulge in a session of thrill and exciting. The FIFA coins fourteen online video sport claims hrs of exciting with your footballer friends.

FIFA 14 is a simulation online video sport designed by EA Canada and revealed by Electronic Arts. In September 2013, it was released for a variety of platforms namely Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation three, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Wii and Nintendo 3DS video game consoles. It was also offered as a free of charge-of-charge computer software for two of the most common operating techniques, Android and iOS. In November 2013, the developers released a match edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If you have played the game, you need to be familiar with the principles governing it. A bagful of FIFA fourteen cash is your only ticket to get gamers and improve your squad. FIFA fourteen cash are also named FUT cash or Supreme Group. A squad with substantial-performing gamers boosts your odds of successful a tournament and leveling up via on-line seasons. Players frequently complain that they are short of match money to acquire gamers in the sport. If you’re 1 of them, here are some entertaining and effortless approaches to generate FIFA 14 coins.

Engage in Games

This is an simple and authorized approach to earn FIFA 14 coins. For every single match you perform, you will acquire a specified quantity of coins as a reward primarily based on your performance or for your participation. The reward you earn at the stop of every match is dependent on the kind of match you pick to engage in – offline, on the web, solitary match, event or year. You have to full the match to accumulate the reward. The method is enjoyable and effortless, but delivers in a modest earnings.