Get enough MapleStory coins for skins

When the Reboot patch came out, you guys went into unscheduled.maintenance nearly 3 days in a row. One of the unscheduled maintenances was 17 hours. You also extended the original patch by a few more hours as well. Not only that, but for those days it was even up, people were disconnecting left and right on the worlds outside of Reboot (And more-so on Reboot). I saw people from my guild, alliance, and friends list logging on CONSTANTLY (1-3 people logging on per second and making blooping sounds; which was grating to say the least).

Not to mention before the Reboot patch, you guys also extended the Junk Food event poorly, because the quest to give you 20 coins Cheap MapleStory Mesos daily was glitched for several days and hardly anybody who didn’t grind for them nonstop could get enough coins for skins, only for it to be extend by a few days. You then release the Reboot Patch and then go into unscheduled maintenance for most of the last day so ANYONE who didn’t (Or couldn’t, because of the maintenance or any other life reasons) turn in their coins at basically 5am, didn’t get their rewards from the shop and you didn’t extend it by another day for doing so.

You already had to bring back the egg event from messing up the dates in the event book (That glitched out once it was brought back AGAIN, when it was supposed to be active. This information I gathered from a ton of people in the game that didn’t already complete it like I did. Another example of me completing something most people couldn’t, and yet here I am posting this about Sizzling Santa.) Good job.

With all of these variables weighed in, I was still able to get friends to do PQs the “First day” (AKA several days in, once the worlds were somewhat MapleStory Mesos stable and actually online), so pretty much around the 5th day of the event or so (To show how I’ve been trying to do this event actively since the beginning). Even with all of that being said, there were still complications.