Experienced CB looking for a serious club! (FIFA 15 PS4)

I’m an 82 rated CB looking for a serious club preferably in div 1-3, but if you’re in the lower divisions and have a good record and are on a good way to the higher divisions, I will play with you.

Experience: I have played with several div 1 and 2 clubs in pervious FIFAs (FIFA 14 and 13). In FIFA 14, I played for 5 different div 1 clubs, and 3 div 2 clubs. Also, I joined a new started div 10 club and pretty much carried them to div 4 before moving on.

My Pro: My pro aren’t too high rated, but that’s because I’ve been playing more GTA V than FIFA lately, but I’m now looking to go back to FIFA. If anyone in my future club would like to gift me some upgrades for my pro, that would be greatly appreciated.

Language: I’m norwegian, so that’s my prefered language, but my english is petty stable. English speaking clubs seem to be more serious from what I’ve experienced, so an english club is prefered.

Age: I’m only 14 years old, but that doesn’t affect my game. If you’re a 20+ club that want to judge me by my age, than go ahead, but you’re going to regret it.

Console: I ONLY play on the PS4.

Criterias: I want a serious club, who hate to lose and plays to win every match, but still play a fun way of FIFA. Also you have to be active, as I am a very active player myself.

Experience this year: I have only played for one club this year, who was in div 3. After I joined, we went straight to div 1 without losing a single match, keeping 18/23 clean sheets, but I later left, because of the release of GTA for next gen, and after I left, I think they’re back down in div 4 now.

My Personality: Seriously. I think I’m the person in the world that hates losing the most. Even in volleyball with school in gym class, I just have to win. But still I won’t rage and leave the club if we lose, and I won’t let my anger out on my team mates.

If you’re interested and are in a serious club, please contact me on PSN: stianmeisler or comment here with your club name.