POE: provide some additional defenses

I voted for the first option, but sadly I see that most people voted the second which is probably the worst.

My thoughts on the options:

1)This is good because generally speaking a hybrid evasion/armour build won’t have that much armour/evasion. Thus it is good to provide some additional defenses such as dodge and maim and also provide some leech. The First affix (attack damage based on evasion/armour) hints that this could be used for an elemental build so having generic attack leech would benefit such a build a lot

2)I don’t know why people vote for this. Yes fortify and onslaught are nice, but you can easily put fortify on the movement skill and you can easily gain onslaught by using a flask. Also the buff onslaught provide is not that great imo compared to other options in the list

3)This was my second best. This is because it helps the build blind the enemies. Since you won’t have that much evasion it’s good to blind the enemies to be more effective. However it’s easy blinding the enemies using other means such as putting blind gem on the golem to Buy POE Chaos Orb, flasks etc. Also bleeding is nice, but it is a bit niche. In addition as I said above I think the generic attack damage hints more to an elemental build thus making bleeding no so good combo with the first affix

4)This options sound good at first, but generally speaking you can sustain your frenzy/endurance charges without these options, so this seems to be kind of a waste. I see some people arguing that it could be useful for bosses so that you can get 2 endurance charges instead of one, but I don’t think this will make that much of a different. Option 1 will be more reliable in any case.

It is the most interesting and if it would be chosen would actually cause me to make a taunt build to use it. It is very powerful, but only for a certain build(s), which is exactly what a unique should be.

why is noone voting for blind/bleed? blind is an under appreciated mechanic that is strong on giving you survivability + you can combine it with voidheart. in addition to that saboteur & assassin can also make use of this belt with its blind bonus.

I get it’s supposed to reward a hybrid defense playstyle, but I don’t like if an item it tailored to a single class. Because you can go hybrid armour/ev with a templar if you want. As such, I feel the first option is too tailored towards gladiator, and the second is for champion, so I’m no fan of those, despite or maybe because of their obvious power.

the dodge / maim / leech on taunted enemies really enables warcries. I know, I know,, casing warcries is a pain.. I never use warcries for the same reason you don’t either.. they interrupt the flow of melting packs and aren’t worth it,, at least not for a solo player to buy Cheap POE Chaos Orb, but now you dont have to feel dirty every time you cast enduring cry and look over your shoulder to see if anyone caught you. AND there are other warcries in the game too and they all taunt! i dont know what they are though cause i just hold down my main attack button and my super ascendasaiyan 8 abilities nuke the screen

that being said.. I really like to see changes that promote a more diverse playstyle, and i get that super high tier “you have a 7-link” attributes are neat and all but this can all be a little too sweet after while.. like that guy from ‘my name is earl’ said when he was someone else in the tom cruise movie ‘vanilla sky’.

This is not really interesting when you think a bit on it, if you have an ev based char, equiping the belt will give you some armor so the bonus will scale on it (since it should be your lowest) = irrelevant attack damage increase. The only case the bonus get usefull is when you stack armor/ev AND taking iron reflexe, then you will only have armor and it could give an interesting amount of dmg increase. But there is still a bad point, everyone knows armor is the worst defensive stat to stack.


POE: Fortify and onslaught are easy to get

Melee stun fits perfectly with warlord’s mark+Blasphemy for stuns and charge generation which doesn’t take long to get at max charges and usually you’re always at max charges anyways once you start clearing.

However bleed is severely lacking and unrewarding mechanic in this game. If you want to run a bleed build you have basically 3 options. jack the axe, rive, or Atziri’s disfavor. Nevermind that most the community cant afford to buy a 11ex axe and the other two items are underwhelming at times. If you are not a Gladiator you can get 21% “chance to cause bleeding with melee attacks” although 5% of that is relegated to a god damn sword cluster.

Well voted A because its more useful I think and matches base theme. However onslaught on fortify is unbeatable, as its not only perma onslaught for champions, it also makes fortify gem a %increased damage with the POE ORBS For Sell, attack and movement speed gem while making you more tanky. This item with onslaught mod will be for melee like shavs is for low life.

Fortify and onslaught are easy to get anyway and there is a big problem with bosses that cannot be stunned, arguably when fortify is most needed. Hybrid armour and evasion builds will have enough armour to negate damage of white mobs anyway. Not to mention the map mods with monsters cannot be stunned. FORTIFY OPTION IS BAD FOR LATEGAME, note the 70 lvl base.

IMO the best one is undervoted right now, the bleed one. 20% chance to bleed = every 5th hit is bleed. You basicaly have perma bleed all the time, since base bleed duration is 5 seconds. So you get free puncture, 1 gem worth of power. Also it works on ranged that dont have good bleed sources except some ascendencies.

There is a ton of sources to get Onslaught, but with permanent Fortify from champion as class, you get permanent Onslaught as well. Now you can drop the Silver Flask and any other sources of Onslaught for something better. Champion’s Fortify is not only for melee, range characters can access it too.

While option C is interesting, it is also another thing I find annoying to have a % within another %, which GGG pretty much did with Assassin’s bleed/maim/poison. Too much RNG in mechanics is playing a dangerous game. Aligning the star is not easy unless you can fast forward 50 times the rate.

Blind is nice for everything but spells, and the issue for evasion-based character is still present……physical spells. If instead of blind, it was something like phasing, then I would find option C even more attractive.

I actually have option A has my second favorite choice since it is not too hard to taunt with Champion and the warcry skills, so there is some good synergy there. Sadly though, permanent onslaught is too good to pass up.

Anyway, yeah. 2x more frenzy/endurance charges and 50% duration, or 20% blind on every hit (with voidheart, or reach of the council/puncture, etc). The options are all fine but they’re strong enough by themselves for the belt theme to be skippable.

it’s weird seeing an EV+AR unique and the first property being very cool and thematic, just for the choices for secondary property to be completely off-theme and just juggling with existing things none of which are actually ‘unique’.

actually, this brings up an issue with ascendancy (imo)- things that are hard to get are interesting. once you get 100s of ways to get something, theyre no longer interesting. elemental conflux is cool and interesting- because you can only get it currently in one place for the Path of Exile Items. onslaught USED to be interesting when you could barely get it, now it’s like in 15 different places. I used to play a dual claw build with daressos defiance back in what, nemesis time, and one of the reasons why I liked that chest was onslaught.

50% increased charge duration isn’t for people who have all the charge duration nodes on the tree. It’s for people who don’t have them. Being able to maintain 3-4 Frenzy and Endurance charges easily as an INT character would be really useful I think.

Trove: for a mix signature between Trove and Defiance

If possible the club name should be in the center and around it some hellbugs and something trovelike , no idea what that could be maybe only some blocks. But if you have a better idea for a mix signature between Trove and Defiance that would be nice too.

Overall my work comes out nicely since I know a lot about design. Might make a new one soon lol I’m just shocked no one never asks me to make anything. That deer logo in my signature, hand drawn, scanned and vectorize it in illustrator haha.

I don’t really scan my work as much as I used to. I’ve been getting better with using GIMP which is what I primarily use now. Don’t have the money to throw at Photoshop. That being said I do kinda wanna attempt to make my own signature through the Trove Flux for sale. I still need to make my own profile picture for stream. I love drawing but I’m also so lazy.

For Sindrawolf’s signature, the “S” is a little covered so it looks like “indrawolf.” Kinda bugs me personally but I’m not saying you’re terrible or trying to point out mistakes. It’s pretty normal in the design field that your peers point out your mistakes. Happened to me a lot when I started college which I didn’t mind at all so I hope you don’t think a design student is trying to smash on you.

It’s not even portfolio worthy since those signatures are just bs I learn when I was like 13 years old from YouTube tutorials. I’m 19 now. I don’t have time to whip up a professional design signature. It wouldn’t make sense to do one anyways if I wasn’t going to include it in my portfolio. The only time I do something professional is school work. Plus, Trove isn’t mine so I have no intentions on making anything professional looking with it. I would only disappoint the people who see that kind of work from me basically.

I hate to be that guy but I agree with fallow here. And also it’s just a little weird for me that the skin is dark because I’m very pale irl. I imagine that was the only hair you could get but it also just looks weird to Buy Trove Flux. So unfortunately I’m probably not going to use this and make my own once they fix that screenshot bug. I think someone said I could rebind the key but idk. Again I’m really sorry. If it helps at all I’m also an artist which would explain me being picky. I’ve always just been too lazy to make a signature. I like the other ones but sadly not this one. I’m sorry.

Nah you don’t have to redo them. I’d much rather just do my own anyways since I have a very specific design in my head that you’d be unable to do. On the note of free program though GIMP is a free program and is a lot like photoshop but harder to use. I wouldn’t try getting Photoshop for free because you can’t trust those sources not to mess up your computer.

Trove once provided a very unique gameplay experience

Trove once provided a very unique gameplay experience in regards to allowing a beautiful balance of voxel-sandbox elements, crafting, collecting, professions, PvE progression, and character progression. It was great to have a game that allowed its players to play it in so many different ways without any specific aspect being pushed as the “correct” way to play.

Very recently I have been yearning to return to Trove (and thus lurking about on the forums more than I normally would) because nostalgia and memories remind me of a special feeling that no other game ever gave me. Unfortunately, this game is not that game, regardless of how much my rose-tinted goggles may want it to be haha.

I was certainly never much of a builder or collector, and was indeed essentially just a PvE player, but I enjoyed the community and the fact that you could progress to the “end” fairly easily and then do whatever it is you wished with your time without being at a particular disadvantage for the Cheap Trove Flux. Logging in and deciding you were going to work on some building, or perhaps gather some recipes/styles, or level some professions, do some trading, or simply adventure a bit despite being maxed already provided a wonderful sense of freedom without any pressure to complete a certain activity in a certain time-frame.

Honestly the focus on progression and combat aren’t even so bad. The concept of augmenting/improving class abilities is really neat. It would just be nice to see the intensity of such a focus be dialed back and some love returned to building, collecting, and non-combat elements of the game. One of Trove’s strongest draws in its early days was the fact that it catered to so many different sandbox and MMO elements so evenly. At this point of decline I am certain focusing attention on quality-of-life improvements, play-ability improvements, and non-combat aspects would be more popular than not with players, especially since the constant evolution of combat progression leaves so many players in the dust.

Of course those that know me have already heard my words and opinions already, and those that are part of the newer Trove community will simply see it as senseless ramblings since they have ‘grown up’ with a different type of Trove that they are perfectly happy with buy trove flux online. I still cling to some hope that one day the game will take a shift towards its casual and no-pressure roots once more though, then I can come home and the Church of Q’bthulhu can begin spreading its tendrils throughout the world as Q’bthulhu would have wanted.

TL;DR: Too many timers, bonuses, moving goal-posts, special promotions/events/offers of complete X in Y time or be left behind. Heavy-handed focus on RNG and progression which robs the game of its soul and relaxing nature by pushing players to constantly focus on a grind-wall, limited-time event, etc. rather than slowing down and having care-free fun. Same complaints as a year ago haha.

Trove: buy a golden egg you directly unlock the dragon

I cried a bit when I was so desperate to finish crafting my prim dragon so I brought like 4 greater caches, and definitely the challenges are always laggy.. sometimes i even try to Buy Trove Flux do it alone if the bonus is one of my classes that are decent to solo on its own. What i hate is when someone follows me because I’m clearing dungeons fast af then I get lag. I wish i can baseball bat someone away honestly.

I find the way you get Dragon Coins now are just freaking stupid. Trion wants to increase the “value” or “rarity” of Dragons probably because they’re freaking Dragons but they don’t realize they screwed that up a long time ago with caches and so now everybody who played before has Dragons. It’s just been made harder for casual players, new players, or players who quit for a decent amount of time. Messed up and time-gated as hell.

If you can manage to ge enough flux and buy a golden egg you directly unlock the dragon without using your coins by the Trove Flux for sale. But the othe challenge is to gather flux… but in my opinion it’s way faster to gather like 500kf-1M flux than 1000 dragon coins through challenges. And I think you will lose more money buyin greater caches to get 1000 coins rather than get an egg imo.

agreed, iv been here since alpha and I’m here, well, as much as I can be and I’m constantly seeing peeps get DDE all the time but I still haven’t gotten even one and I need three? its bad enough that I’m like 4 away from a yellow name, now they want to increase cap again soon too? that being the case I wont even bother trying to get the last 4 I need … between the DDE and yellow name, totally discouraging, maybe its time to find something else to play … but honestly iv been thinking that for along time now for lots of reasons.

They’ve been talking about raising the limit for months and there’s been a tonne of mastery injected since. You can’t expect the game to wait for you if you’re taking it casual, the yellow name is meant to show the most dedicated and it’s already easy to get. The top people are almost 500 mastery rank!

Trove: the roaming dragon turns to those faithful people

As a 2.2k pr gunslinger, I wonder into the cursed vale. I was leveling my character and I need the mastery. This place is dark and I don’t like it, but I have to do this, 1k more pr and I’m in the top 250 in contest.
Its very quite, I don’t like it. But suddenly I see a flicker, a faint flicker in the fog. Wait, that fog wasn’t there a few moments ago. I need to approach it

What is this is see out in the darkness, the thick fog slowly collecting in the eerie corner of darkness. There is a glow, a mysterious glow. I am now getting curious. Just as a take a step a griffin steps out of the darkness. It looks like a member of drumsticks for gotten brethren. I have discovered a new species. But this one isn’t exotic like Paul or dark like Falminar. This one is spooky, undead even. Slightly disfigured with a balefire glow, the glow is so powerful, almost unbearable. The beast gets closer and I can see that it’s eyes are also balefire, lack of light maybe. Its beak shines in the slightly exposed sun, its feathers are blowing in the wind, but the feathers are also ruffled. I need to document this Cheap Trove Flux. As I jot down the description it gets closer and shows its sharp beak. I am suddenly scared and I stand up quick! Bad move. I fall down due to the sudden movement. I can no longer get away, it seems as though I am doomed.

I quickly drank a vial and my master cheep emblem activated and created a diversion, only one punch worth before dieing, though. Still I was able to make a break for it with my trusty SKRGLE by my side. As I enter candoria I hear a deafening screech it is still following me, this time not on the ground. It is flying, no, gliding. It is gaining quickly, I jump on my pemblock and I start to gain serious grou……*bang crash* Nooooo I have found a roaming Dracocolattl!

I am stuck and now the griffon is circling above, waiting for me either waste my energy by slaying this sweet behomoth or get sent to the big cube in the sky so it can swoop down and devour my remainings. Wait what’s that I see 3 trivia coming to my rescue, the roaming dragon turns to those faithful few allowing me to glance up through theĀ Trove Flux for sale. The griffon is gone. This was all in vain . I see that these heroes have it handled so I find I go back to hub. As I talk to other people about this they tell me of stories of a spooky balefire beast in the old hub tunnels. I ask for directions and I thank them. I am on my way

I am now freshly arrived with my pr 19.3k revanant. Off in the distance I spot a figure in the fog. I approach it only to be relieved, for it is only saltwater sam. But now I found a cornerstone plot and I start digging far down on the edges of the plot. After 3 minutes I find a opening to the tunnels. It is dark. I find gravestones with names everywhere. Some include Chronozilla and Uniquisher. I have heard of those names before , I belong to Uniquisher’s club VoxelBusters, and Chronozilla is a name I have hears quite often. Besides that I see balefire droppings everywhere, which leads to a 1 block wide endless hole. After 1 hour of searching I think I have found my destination.

I jump down the hole periodically jumping once to get rid of the mounting speed. I fall on a pile bones. As I check around I find a box containing a shadow ganda, and egg contains stubs dragon, and the levitating broomstick. This is weird, all these mounts have been in the games code (FOR A VERY LONG TIME) and before this discovery, has been thought to be unreleased. I hear a sound of air rushing then a thud. The griffon is here. It sees me and doesn’t waste time. It jumps on top of me and already I’m at a struggle, this isn’t going to be easy. I quickly catch the beak hid way through the beating and I use my strength to Buy Trove Flux throw it against the wall. A few jet black feathers fall to the ground. The griffon jumps but as it reaches it’s peak I jab it in the stomach, it releases a shriek of pain, then a low hiss. It jumps up and scratch’s me in the face then rams me with its side into the wall, i hit it in the head with my shield then I kick it hard with my foot. I have glowing green splatter on my shield. The fight had just began.

Finally as it seems I am about to vanquish the beast, I trip and it makes a break for it. On the way out it it takes that box of unreleased mounts. I try to chase it but I only have 34 jump, the hole is atleast 150 blocks high. It seems as though I will never get out of here.

This is the most interesting thing I have seen in the land of trove, its certainly majestic. The way that thing attacked me relentlessly, it was Neverending. That griffon was, how do I explain it. Undead. It was a necromance. I need a name for this beast. How about Neverending necromancer.

That man was never seen again, it is a myth to if this journal was even real. Everyone said this man must have been the RNG gods favorite trovian. He at one time 4 ganda sitting in his inventory, he was also the only man to ever see this griffon.
-journal found on October 31st 2015 by gaugekelley1, unknown author

gaugekelley1- I found this journal in a random cursed vale dungeon alongside a a jet black feather and scratch marks with balefire splatter on the journal. This beast sounds astonishishing, I find one and tame it!

Trove: the new collector UI

So if i had a character that before was like level 27 and a half…. then shouldn’t me character now be a higher level? It cant just count towards experience your going to earn it has to count on past experience also…. have they not implemented it yet most of my characters that arent 30 yet (i mean i didn’t know exact experience levels) but they seem the same… can anyone clarify this pretty please?

Overall, I really like the patch. I love the new collector UI, especially how easy it is to lock and unlock items and that you guys included a buy back option. I was pleasantly surprised to see the leveling curve changes. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are hinting at for Friday. I mostly like the interaction changes, but I can see how it would be a problem for some players in dungeons. And, the tooltips were a little spammy just moving around in my cornerstone, so shrinking the proximity might help.

I like all the changes, despite just finishing leveling days before the XP change.

Vault Clubs – I already have two storage clubs that I took the time to build up a little on the one starting island so that they were more than just a few chests sitting on the ground. I don’t have a need for the Trove Flux for sale of Club & Officer storage, as I don’t gain that many tradable items. Sure, I would have preferred getting the option to delete all the Sea of Regret and limit my storage clubs’ data use to just the one island, but eh, whatever.

XP Changes – Sounds great. Going to be fun harassing my son more about leveling now that it’s easier and he can’t hide in PvP any more.

Loot Collector – I really like the new interface. The only issue I have with it is the “buy back” option. Currently it’s just a limited list. Collect more than that list can hold and things start falling off and are no longer able to be bought back. I’d suggest that at the very least anything that was ever “locked” would stay on this list for the entire time (24 hours is is?). More so., the total number of things listed to be bought back shouldn’t really have a cap past just the time limit.

New Interaction – I do not understand the complaints here. It seems to be working just fine for me so far. I even went as far as testing some things I heard complained about on my stream today (to be snipped later). I found that as long as my target was on something and the pop up prompt was there, I would interact with that thing. People told me that it would ignore that and take the closest thing. I stood in my personal chest, and interacted with several other things fine. People complained about not being able to Cheap Trove Flux to hitting a nearby portal instead. I stood on a portal and picked up loot individually. As long as the popup was there, I got it. The only thing I didn’t test was trying to not pick up loot and just hit an exit portal. I didn’t test this as I see not picking up things to be pointless and makes dungeon clearing less worth it (especially with the new loot collecting making it way quicker).