Several other MMOs I’ve played implemented region bns

I know there’s enough threads complaining about the bots, How about discussing solutions buy bns gold though?
I’m just copy/pasting this from another thread, as I thought it deserved its own.
Thoughts and discussion are welcome, if you see any flaws in my idea please point them out!

the problem is, the botters are connecting through VPN’s, so a region block on china where most of them come from, would do nothing.
they can ban as many bots as they want, but there’s a nonstop flow of them to replace the ones being banned.
they wont ban people for using VPN’s, as it’s a necessity for many players due to the poor internet infrastructure of NA and large geographical distances.

I have an idea that would maybe kill two birds with one stone though.

NCSoft adopted a VPN service for the chinese BNS when the ping was a big issue there for many of the BNS CN players, due to the same sort of issues that NA is having, with large distances and poor infrastructure. The VPN service for bns CN works quite well for lowering the ping there too. I used it myself when I played on the chinese servers to go from 350+ ping down to 200.

If NCWest got their own VPN service for BNS NA and EU, they could then put a region block on china as well as IP blocking out other VPN services from connecting, and having those same region+IP blocks added to their official VPN service to keep the botters from using VPN’s to connect to the official VPN service. This would lock out the majority of the botters.

A lot of people currently in NA don’t have optimal ping for the game, and they won’t use a VPN because they are afraid of being falsely flagged from it, or they don’t want to have to pay for the service. Having an official VPN service for BNS would solve those issues.
It would solve the latency issues for a great deal of players, as well as giving NCSoft a reliable method to successfuly block out the regions where all of the botters are connecting from.

Maybe one could argue that NCSoft won’t do it because of the costs, and that they would lose profits without all the bots around buying premium.
But think of all the extra players who would be playing, many buying costumes and other things for their characters that the bots never would have.
I think there’s a lot more to gain by removing the bots and making the game more enjoyable for the actual playerbase.

Several other MMOs I’ve played (TERA, FFXIV:ARR) implemented region bns and it MASSIVELY deterred botters/blade and soul gold spammers. It made for a much improved game environment and a more more enjoyable a game.