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Albion Online Balance Changes

So one of the bigger turn offs for me in this patch is that the Nature Staff Heal over time has been changed rather drastically, essentially creating a scenario where on the 4th cast of HoT, you end up removing the heal over time and instead give the player you are healing your mana (the ratio seemed to be 1:1).

For me, this creates a couple issues with the spell, it makes it extremely difficult to use instead of minor balance because mana and sustainability outside of a 1vs1 scenario is already a big issue.
Before any amounts of over healing was inefficient for mana, but was also an easy way to play the class. This is much more noticeable with the .3 line which has a much higher mana cost for the Q vs the .2 and .1 line. I feel like there isn’t going to be many scenarios that justify giving the 4th tick (or mana) to the player while cutting the HoT early. It seems like less of a new mechanic and more of punishment to players who spam Q (which is already a bad way of playing) in response to a lot of pressure instead of slowly building up the Hot.

Maybe I am wrong about this and some godly healer / min-maxer can explain how the new mechanic is not just an over the top nerf to the Hot,so,it isĀ Albion Online Items.

To me it would of made more sense to increase the maximum number of ticks and uptime, while reduce the mana cost, healing, allowing for a finer control of the heal over time or making the mana returned much more potent.

The bigger issue I have is that for PvP at least the mushroom cloud is just not viable in a lot of instances, and this has gone unchanged, meaning the only way for nature staff users to continue to PvP is to adapt to these new HoT mechanics and essentially take a hit to the overall way of playing the class.

TL;DR: This patch removes options and does a lot less for nature staff users on a weapon by weapon basis. Please consider looking into more options for the nature staff that don’t involve removing current playstyles.