Trove: the new collector UI

So if i had a character that before was like level 27 and a half…. then shouldn’t me character now be a higher level? It cant just count towards experience your going to earn it has to count on past experience also…. have they not implemented it yet most of my characters that arent 30 yet (i mean i didn’t know exact experience levels) but they seem the same… can anyone clarify this pretty please?

Overall, I really like the patch. I love the new collector UI, especially how easy it is to lock and unlock items and that you guys included a buy back option. I was pleasantly surprised to see the leveling curve changes. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are hinting at for Friday. I mostly like the interaction changes, but I can see how it would be a problem for some players in dungeons. And, the tooltips were a little spammy just moving around in my cornerstone, so shrinking the proximity might help.

I like all the changes, despite just finishing leveling days before the XP change.

Vault Clubs – I already have two storage clubs that I took the time to build up a little on the one starting island so that they were more than just a few chests sitting on the ground. I don’t have a need for the Trove Flux for sale of Club & Officer storage, as I don’t gain that many tradable items. Sure, I would have preferred getting the option to delete all the Sea of Regret and limit my storage clubs’ data use to just the one island, but eh, whatever.

XP Changes – Sounds great. Going to be fun harassing my son more about leveling now that it’s easier and he can’t hide in PvP any more.

Loot Collector – I really like the new interface. The only issue I have with it is the “buy back” option. Currently it’s just a limited list. Collect more than that list can hold and things start falling off and are no longer able to be bought back. I’d suggest that at the very least anything that was ever “locked” would stay on this list for the entire time (24 hours is is?). More so., the total number of things listed to be bought back shouldn’t really have a cap past just the time limit.

New Interaction – I do not understand the complaints here. It seems to be working just fine for me so far. I even went as far as testing some things I heard complained about on my stream today (to be snipped later). I found that as long as my target was on something and the pop up prompt was there, I would interact with that thing. People told me that it would ignore that and take the closest thing. I stood in my personal chest, and interacted with several other things fine. People complained about not being able to Cheap Trove Flux to hitting a nearby portal instead. I stood on a portal and picked up loot individually. As long as the popup was there, I got it. The only thing I didn’t test was trying to not pick up loot and just hit an exit portal. I didn’t test this as I see not picking up things to be pointless and makes dungeon clearing less worth it (especially with the new loot collecting making it way quicker).