The Fifa Golden Ticket (ultimate way to bring FUT back to glory)

I am a former user of madden ultimate team and I made the transition to fifa ultimate team coins because I love the gameplay of fifa more than that of madden. One thing that madden has that I do believe trumps fifa is the extra add ons in ultimate team. In MUT there are many awesome features that are non-existent in fifa.

For example, rookie cards (imagine an 85 ovr Ronaldo at Man Utd), rookie legend cards (provide a cheap alternative to super expensive legends and may make it easier to hybridize teams because users wont be forced to spend millions on millions just for legend links, for example maybe an 84 ovr Viera, or 82 ovr Futre),

The feature that I loved most about MUT that I found the most fun was the golden ticket concept. Those that are unfamiliar 10 golden tickets are released over a week and the ten people that get these golden tickets get to customize and card of their choosing. The card they customize will then give a copy to themselves and the customized card is released into packs and it includes the creators gamertag on the card.

Something like this would get loads of people back into Ultimate team and would really help EA get cheap fifa 15 coins the community back on their side.

Also, for EA economically it would make sense, imagine the fifa youtubers and some of the fifa streamers just how much they would spend to be able to say they got a golden ticket, I guarantee it would be in the tens of thousands. Also, say a famous community member got a golden ticket, everybody would be dying to get their newly created card. This could be bigger than team of the year in my opinion, simply in terms of packs opened and amount of FP purchased.


they have FIFA 15 definetely incrased cardwheight

i’ve opened LOADS OF LOADS OF fifa 15 coins packs.

i was pretty sure that on my account there was wrote something like “never a joy”, “miracle doesnt’ happens”, “go f**k yourself”

opened three packs, 2 15k and 1 7.5k after selling so many bronzes irish players.

in the first up aguero, a free pack, a catalyst card

on the second fabregas (an 85 rated for me is like water on desert) and gundogan

on the 7.5k packs a green mcgeady that went in a millisecond

a couple of days ago i got fabregas and pirlo in the same pack

these may sound as s..t packs but trust me, i’ve never saw a card rated more than 86 in 3 years of fut (and it was aguero a month ago), and i’ve opened 3m of packs between tif messi and tif robben weeks

AI on this FIFA game is comical

Who designed this half finished game. You really need to get cheap fifa 15 coins your figure out and finish stuff before you move onto the next abomination you call fifa.

Is there any Ai on this game at all. Neuer has just watched a ball roll past him at a turtles pace from a shot from the half way line no one around him middle of the goal he just stands there spazaming like a *.

Everyone just runs in a straight line while my whole team just parts like the dead sea.

Deflected shots always fall to the oppositions what’s up with that it never falls to my player. Sort it out.

Get in Behind does diddle squat on this game. My players are no where near the oppositions defence to get in Behind even tho I have it set to all out attack my whole team is in my half.

Fifa 15 / Origin issue

I started up FIFA 15 coins on PS4 for the first time in 2015 the other day in the hope of starting a new career mode. But when I tried to download the latest squads, I got a message saying I could not log on to EA servers, since I do not have an Origin account. I DO have an origin account and I have used it for playing FIFA since it was launched.

I read about the issue and learned that if you updated your profile on Origin the issue would go away. So I try to log in to Origin through their webpage (and various other methods on various devices and browsers), but I simply can’t. My log in information are correct, but it just loads forever until it gives up in the end making it impossible to see or update my info. The only way to get into Origin is through EA (hence this post), but even though I update my profile through here it won’t work.

2 things:

1) How do I solve this so I can play again?

2) Where is the hidden camera?

Is it me? Is it the FIFA 15 game

On Fifa 14 coins I used some slider settings I found and the game was perfectly realistic. Most of the games had one goal in them, you might have the odd heavy win but in the main….it played like a dream.

Fifa 15, I find a set of sliders again….and playing it feels like a chore. Players don’t seem to make intelligent runs and by the time there’s a decent pass to make I’ve been brushed off the ball. Despite having my pass assistance on semi, it seems to be incredibly difficult to make quick, accurate passes. There seems to always be a lack of passing options aside from passing sideways and backwards.

I barely have any shots in the games I play. It’s like a mission to actually get the ball into a position where I can have a shot. Any attempt at a probing pass is easily cut out.

I’ve tried in desperation setting the sliders back to default to see if that does any better.

‘FIFA 15’ PS4 And Xbox One Graphics: New Trailer Shows Super Realistic Player Faces, Moving Hair, Pitch Damage & More

FIFA 15 looked good–but not dramatically better than its predecessor–in its debut trailer at fifa coins ps3, but a new video from EA Sports shows off some marked improvements that weren’t clearly displayed in the initial footage.

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The trailer focuses mostly on the improvements to the player models, and the upgrades are pretty staggering. The player renders were hit and miss in terms of resembling their real-life counterparts in FIFA 14, but that seems to have changed in the upcoming title–and they look much more realistic on the whole.

A new modelling system (explained and demonstrated in the trailer below) allowed the developers to create much more accurate versions of player faces. Chelsea and Belgium’s Eden Hazard in FIFA 15 looks frighteningly similar to the young star in reality: welcome to the uncanny valley. Other players who never looked quite right resemble the real players much more than before, which the narrator credits to the new lighting system.

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Another improvement is “visible breathing”, demonstrated in the trailer as a player breathing heavily (presumably after a long run or late in the game). Also added are more realistically moving hair and clothing, which I’m assuming were added solely so that Cavani’s luscious locks can flow in the wind as he runs the field like a warrior out of an ancient Greek epic.

Kits will get dirty with grass and mud stains as the game goes on, and (as shown in the debut trailer) the pitch will get damaged and roughed up as the match continues. Stadiums will boast moving LED ad boards, and nets and corner flags will move when struck by the ball. FIFA 15 coins launches on last and current generation consoles, as well as PC, PS Vita, and 3DS this September.

Career FIFA 15 mode harder?

Been playing fifa 15 coins since the first week hadn’t had any issues with career mode or kick of until about 4 weeks ago.

Started a new career mode with tottenham recently and have had the following issues which now are on every offline game mode.

First the difficulty seems to be the same from legendary to amateur can’t break down play when attacking anymore the cpu seems to press my team all over the pitch making any pass nigh on impossible. Players don’t charge dead balls until cpu has reached ot first then my players run at half speed to reach their players.

Every team now starts 5 at the back and no players pull out of position making it hard to attack. I have used sliders too to change the shot and pass error in fact most of the sliders to only make no difference. I have played through 3 seasons so far and every season gets harder most notably I played Wigan which is a low star rated team and had upto 26 shots on goal which the keeper saved all of but they had one and scored. This was on amateur too.

The referees give any decisions against me resulting in a guarenteed goal and let decisions go against me even if I get cropped in the box.

The passing accuracy of every team I play is 90% to 100% accurate as when I check the match stats after the game even though sometimes it displays 60/70% the tackling is also the same and even if they disposses me and the ball doesn’t get controlled by the cpu it will somehow find its way to another cpu player.

I spoke to one of the live chat people last night only to be asked, “have you tried changing the difficulty level” haha didn’t even read the issues. Then told me the problem may lie in a corrupted game file and said to delete the file on my fifa 15 coins xbox 360 so I did and nothing has changed im quite fed up now as my game saves had about 10 different career modes on them and ive put in well iver 200+ hours on the game and now have no games saved and the game is still playing like this.

Anybody else having issues like this?