The Fifa UT youtube community is coming to its deathbed

I’ll keep this short, but as we all know, the youtube community is full of videos of pack openings and ‘pink slips’ that pretty fifa 15 coins much mean nothing to both the person doing them and the viewers. A year ago if one of these youtubers pulled a Messi or a Ronaldo is a was a bit of entertainment, they might have showed some real emotion for once.

But this year, coins are so cheap, and they have been opening so many dam packs that a Messi or Ronaldo have been pulled 2-3 times by a single youtuber, and we aren’t even half way through the games calender year. The community is getting saturated with pointless videos trying to pull views, some have even resorted to naming their titles based on buzzwords so they don’t even make sense any more.

The only real beacons of light are people like Spencer or Kazooie, who actually try to make entertaining videos while harnessing actual football knowledge (plus they don’t promote coins).

These extreme pack openings and over reacted videos will grow stale soon, even to the younger viewer, then they will move on.

Spencer and Kazooie Youtube Channels:



I surely hope so, I had the urge to punch those screaming fuchs in the head for quite a while now. Not only are most of the fUT 15 coins videos absolutely valueless, but most of those guys made my experience of the game worse by promoting coins. Not that I watched any of them regularly, but if I wanted a player review or something you can’t get around those obnoxious donothings. I hope they go out of business real soon. Their viewers probably often don’t even understand that their Youtube-Idols are killing the market for everyone, including themselves.

Any way to adjust online matchmaking? FIFA 15 PC

As the title says, I want to know if there is any way to adjust the way you get matched while playing online (be it FUT 15 coins or seasons). Playing on PC, Origin gives you the option to get matched to people nearby, but it isn’t working as planned… I live in Argentina and I am continuously matched agains Brazilians, which makes almost every game unplayable. During FUT matches you get to see the oponent ‘s latency bars, which helps a lot, but during online seasons you just get right into the game. I assume by experience playing online games that I usually have around 80-100 ping while playing against Brazilians while Argentinians and others nearby give me smooth games with 20-60 ping.

Is there any way to adjust the max latency for the matchmaking? If not it would be a really nice feature to get included in a patch, as PC FIFA players are scarce and it’s even harder to get players from my zone. I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes if the match I will play is enjoyable.

All that said, I hope an OP gets to read this thread, and thank anyone that brings up anything helpful.

P.S: FUT’s Italian League (Division 1 single player) asks for BBVA players instead of Serie A. FIX IT!!!

ABduls’s in FIFA 15 trouble

I did a lil digging around and I see EA has done something in these two recent maintenances to stop the bots in their tracks. Not saying all the bots are off the market but a substantial proportion are. This is why so many are finding bargains in the bins. Iv seen a fair few posted on the forums recently. Missed out on a couple myself by a few secs.

Anyways I have to applaud EA for doing that, it will be a lot better trading now but you know ABdul’s is looking for a fix. Its a cat and mouse game right now EA is ahead doubt it will be long before ABdul’s back with a vengeance.

Not sure if they did something that helped fix the glitch as well, its possible. If thats the case then thens are looking up for the FUT 15 Coins market.

Have not come accross anything incredible yet but hearing people have, still some good profits being made all round. Time to enjoy some trading again.

Just lost a FIFA 15 game

I really should have won. Hit the post three times, was offside by a negligible amount so two goals disallowed, opposition got a penalty that should never have been, the simplest passes going astray, opposition 2x faster than me etc etc etc.

There’s no way in bazillion years that if it had been a fair game I’d have lost it. Happens time and time again. What i want to know is how those who have these 160-3-2 w/d/l ratios do it? Is it fiction or offline because I’d swear to whatever God is or isn’t out there that there’s no way in a million years if I was the FIFA equivalent of Messi that I could win some of these games.

Totally does my head in.

And since when has Gourcuff been way faster than Marcelo? Apparently he is. In my last game Gourcuff could outsprint Marcelo even when he had the ball no problemo, so beware.

Story of my FUT 15 Coins, I battle every game with this team, usually dominate win over half, but lose to that one guy who has Sturridge and Remy up top with a lazy long ball.

I love the fact I make the game more of a challenge with a team like this, but it is still frustrating to lose when you have more shots, more possession etc.

Hoping EA gives a few more Senegal players an IF, doing well so far 4 already and I can have any French keeper so hoping a good one gets an IF only Anthony Lopes has so far and not sure he’s any better than Enyeama. I picked Enyeama to keep the African theme going, but if a good IF comes out I’ll swap him.

FIFA 15 Nepenthez

Claims he got hacked. Provided a somewhat believable story, but he did say it happened yesterday even though he uploaded a video on striker Ronaldo just a few hours ago. Also he claimed the Origin rep he talked to was helpful. He claims that his account was completely locked by someone, but his stuff still disappeared. Seems a little fishy. Also apparently another youtuber posted a video today claiming they were hacked. People in the comments section are saying they think Nepenthez is lying and his account just got reset for promoting coinsellers. Is there hope for FUT 15 Coins?

What do you guys think?

Nepenthez claimed he was hacked but it may be that he was reset for promoting a coin seller

Can’t guarantee it untill either side confirm or deny it. I don’t mind Nep or other YT’ers, sure I don’t like they break the rules & such, but at the end of the day, they seem to be getting away with it for the most part, which is the annoying thing. If they’re breaking rules, or advertising sites to break rules, then they should be banned & such, but most of them arn’t & if they are, it takes ages for it to happen. EA needs to crack down otherwise whats the point in saying they’re fighting these people.

FUT 15 Web App is finally up !

FUT 15 Web App is finally up !

This year EA Sports has not released the Web App in the announced date: September 17 (Wednesday). They did it one day later. Now you can access and start your season. Before you do it, we suggest you to take a look to our advices about what is expecting you. It doesn’t take more than 2 minutes and it will be important to you be more prepared, especially if it is your first Web App early access.

Where is the Web App ?

If you are one of those that can’t get in the Web App, check the URL again, try to use another browser or clean the cache of the one you are using. Remember that many thousands of gamers are trying to access. If you can’t enter, try later.

Turn on Login Verification

In the near future, Login Verification will be a mandatory step before you can access the FUT 15 Web App. It is very easy to do it. Just enter on your Origin account here and enable it. Then, just confirm the email or sms they have sent to you, verify your FIFA Ultimate Team Secret question and answer and store your codes in a safe place.

I’m new to FUT !

Sorry but if you are new to FUT, Web App early access is not for you. Only gamers who have created a security question/answer on their consoles before August 1st 2014, are eligible to start the Web App now.

How many packs ?

Besides the starter pack, you will get at least one welcome back pack. The amount of packs you get depends of your FUT 14 activity. If you played EA Sports FIFA World Cup Brazi 2014, you will get a bonus.

Bad luck ?

No, it is not bad luck. It is like this with every one. To pull a Messi or any other great player in the starter pack is virtually impossible. Don’t dream with great cards because you will be disappointed. Welcome back packs are a slightly better but keep your expectations low.

More packs

If you want to buy packs you will need to use your few coins. You can only transfer FIFA Points on a console with EA Access or the retail version of FIFA 15. If you have EA Season Ticket for Xbox 360/PS3, you will be able to transfer your FIFA 14 Points to FIFA 15 Points during the early access period for EA Season Ticket.

I can’t make profit !

Buy low, sell higher is more difficult in the first days than in the rest of the game because the cash flow in the market is very low. Be patient. As soon as the game is launched everything will change.

Need help !

If you feel lost, follow our guides to start FUT 15 Coins. Click here, here and here.

It’s in the game!

Don’t forget that it is just a game. Eat, drink and sleep as you usually do in any other day. There are other things more important in life.

Share with us your first impressions of the game. Did you got a decent player ? Are you going fine ?

Most important than everything, have fun!