Toty attackers effect on FIFA 15 NIFs

What will happen with the 3 more expansives toty’s and NIF’S?

Messi is around 4.4 now on pc, 3 on fifa 15 coins ps.
When his TOTY will show up his IF and RB will drop (I guess), but what will happen to his NIF? will drop too or it will follow the other toty’s trend to bump up after out of packs? Same question for Ronaldo and Robben , would like to see what happened last year.

If you are going to get NIF Messi. You should probably get him now or RIGHT when the attackers come out. People want those cards but as soon as they realize they cant afford them, they will settle for the NIF

Its so hard to choose what to do because everytime I plan to buy him he go first for cheap and then up.. people said to buy last sunday but from monday he lost again more then 1m (pc).
4Ms are always 4ms , sure they will not sell him to buy the best version that I guess wil flood their market?

It’s difficult to time this, I sold him last week for 3.6 planning on buying either now or tomorrow hoping for a 50k fifa coins packs offer like yesterday. anyway it’s about 350k of coins that i will be spending on packs.