I’m quitting FIFA 15

I’ve decided to finally stop playing FIFA 15┬ácoins.It was addicting (because it’s football) but I’d rage everytime just because the developers weren’t able to program a good football videogame. EA is so incompetent that it literally hurts everytime I see something go wrong in a match which is neither realistic or based on skill.

EA only cares about the amount of money that comes in with FUT and totally ignores the real football and videogame lovers for YEARS.

I’ve been following FIFA since FIFA 96. Since FIFA 10 I’ve been following it via the internet. Everytime there are amazing ideas contributed by the community, and pleas to get certain things fixed but they are just flat out ignored.

It’s not even a matter of not being able to nor a budget problem. These are simple things but they just choose to screw us over and over again.
EA has been voted 2 times in a row as the worst company, and FIFA 15 confirms it (also Simcity did lol).

Anyway I’m going to have a lot of free time now that I decided to stop playing FIFA 15 coins store, I’ve won the division 1 title a couple of times and I’ve proven that handicap exists on several forums. I hope EA goes bankrupt but that’s just wishful thinking.