AI on this FIFA game is comical

Who designed this half finished game. You really need to get cheap fifa 15 coins your figure out and finish stuff before you move onto the next abomination you call fifa.

Is there any Ai on this game at all. Neuer has just watched a ball roll past him at a turtles pace from a shot from the half way line no one around him middle of the goal he just stands there spazaming like a *.

Everyone just runs in a straight line while my whole team just parts like the dead sea.

Deflected shots always fall to the oppositions what’s up with that it never falls to my player. Sort it out.

Get in Behind does diddle squat on this game. My players are no where near the oppositions defence to get in Behind even tho I have it set to all out attack my whole team is in my half.

Ideas and Suggestions for Fifa 16

I would like to see a buy fifa 15 coins return of the training mode found in Practice arena.

With the option to press X or square after scoring for a replay.

I would also like to see that when simulating a game other than calender simulation or your injured, the game may or may not offer you a chance to play and come on as a sub. When the game starts it will show the substitute animation.
This cannot take place after the 75th minute, otherwise It would be pointless.

Other than being injured in training players can fall sick, or have to attend to personal matters which can rule them out of one game but this only happens very rarely.

The Arena lobbies would also be a great addition for manual players like myself, though I am aware that in the previous versions, there weren’t a lot of people using them.

As an extra, I would like more and more fluid cheap fifa 15 coins animations.
E.G, my player will go to walk away then suddenly flip 180 degrees to raise his hand about a card.
It would be better if he turned around or the referee called the player to him.

Good FIFA 15 CM team

There’s a few at Villa, we’ve had a torrid couple of seasons and have potential to be back up there (used to finish 6th/7th a few seasons ago) and have won European Cup before so Champion’s League potential. Clark, Okore, Delph and obviously Benteke are decent youngsters to use, Grealish gets cheap fifa 15 coins into high 80s. Also, Randy Learner (owner) is looking to sell in real life so a new manager/owner kind of story with or without a financial takeover is quite realistic & good fun. West Ham are always a favorite, Morrison, Carrol, Jenkinson and Reed all have potential above 80, Burnley/Leicester are good for a challenge but don’t have too many decent youngsters, Burnley have Ings and Trippier though. All have proper stadiums too which is nice.

As for C’ship I’d say Watford are a good option, few decent youngsters (Vydra (on loan), Murray) and are pushing for promotion irl. Nottingham Forest (Lascelles, Darlow (although they’re on loan from Newcastle), Patterson and Assombalonga), Sheffield Wednesday (Stevie May starts pretty high and gets up to high 70s) and Derby (Hughes (obvs), Hendrick & Russell). All teams with a few good youngsters who should really be in the Prem imo. Bournemouth are currently top irl and have a couple of decent youngsters (Gosling, Fraser & Matthews). Think they have a pretty small budget though.

If you really fancy a challenge, Sheffield United are a decent team to do, they were playing in the Prem about 8-9 years ago (can’t remember exactly) but are currently down in League One. They don’t have many youngsters but they are known irl for producing decent academy fifa coins players (Kyle Walker & Phil Jagielka both came from their academy) so you could invest in youth team scouting and try to get decent young players from there.

how do i FIFA 15 beat 4312 41212’s 4321’s 442

im a avid 433 user avid 4231 (2) user and well these formations i face i say 8 out of 10 fifa 15 coins games.

they clog up the middle i can’t move get on the wing do anything really. its usually a pacey team that fits this mold it gets constant one pass counters to the strikers or cam. long through balls always working i jsut dont get what i got to do.

its worse then how op 352 was years back.

Cut in between the full back and the CDM just behind the winger/cm. there’s almost always space. Chops and berba spins are great too if he double man presses.

Tbh though – 4231(1&2) are significantly harder to break down imo. At least with false 9 as they make it so hard for the cf to operate

See i use 4231 (2) and it gets murdered on the counter worse then 433(4)

i really don’t get what your saying.

i personally just switched my 433 serie a team to a 4312 taking out canderva and el shawarry and im not scoring every chance but im still only getting under 10 shots a game.

i feel the formations i use just get out beat by anything with a cam and two strikers. 433(4) is now on my do not play list.

i search cheap fifa 15 coins for hours on end for one match because of all the exploits and these clog the middle high pressuer formations.