We can’t even get the top tier participation Final Fantasy XIV bonus

May 16th indeed, but we have less than 2000 Jumbo tickets sold per week on Malboro. We can’t even get the top tier participation bonus. Considering the Jumbo Cactpot is tied to an actual Achievement that is currently programmed to take the average player 50 years to earn, which is then used for the meta achievement with the High Roller title, I’d expect that Final Fantasy XIV SE has plans to eventually allow us to buy FFXIV Gil multiple Jumbo tickets per week, similar to how we can already do with the Mini Cactpot. Unless they really think this game and it’s players can last 50 years, lol…….but then again they think Triple Triad Tournaments are operating acceptably too sooooo…who knows?

Do you mean in real life with finite and quantifiable resources where the rarity of awards is needed to ensure its viability from a financial standpoint? Or in something like- I don’t know- a video game where a broader range of rewards could be generated, at much lesser values than the top prizes but better than the insignificant prize 99.9% of people get every week and isn’t worth the repeated effort, without impacting the sustainability/financing of the lottery program itself?

Actually, I guess I don’t know, if you could write a long detailed post educating us on the subject that would be awesome.

Keep an eye on the number of tickets sold for each drawing.

I am on Balmung, one of the most populated servers, and I was quite surprised to see less than 5,000 tickets being sold per week. This last week was only about 4,800 tickets sold.
That really opened my eyes to seeing why people weren’t winning more often. After all, compared to real life lotteries, 1 in 10,000 odds is actually pretty high, so I expected much more people to be winning.
The sad truth is that, no one is playing. That is why no one is winning.

The real issue is that the MGP rewards aren’t that great. What can you do with 1 million MGP? You can…
(1) get a super cool looking Mount… that doesn’t fly.
(2) get a super rare Triple Triad Card… that you probably can’t use anyway because every Final Fantasy XIV NPC and their mother uses the Random rule.

All the other rewards can be obtained fairly easily from Final Fantasy XIV Gil playing Mini Cactpot and grinding Triple Triad (or maybe Chocobo Racing if you’re so inclined; most people aren’t).