Some MapleStory feedback regarding chairs

When i say well established characters I’m referring to main character or second main, basically a character you have been playing for a long time and participated in many events and gameplay over time.

I have all 96 set-up slots unlocked on my main character, 67 chairs are untradable including 12 slot chair bag. 29 chairs can be moved within the account or traded fully. I’m worried that if I still play my main I will eventually run out of space to participate in events that bring chairs.

This is also why I’m not getting tickets for the Gachapon that includes special chair sales because I have to little room for chairs, I “need” to save the precious slots I have left for event Cheap MapleStory Mesos chairs. I could obviously hoard them on alts, but I don’t enjoy them as much then. I do tend to shift out some of the chairs I don’t have room for on my main every now and then, so that’s fine.

Feedback regarding space: Generally I noticed that we have very little space in many ways, specially for characters that are not well established. For new characters I think that’s expected, I think letting characters progress over time fun and part of game play. As long as there are free ways to increase inventory over time I don’t think the actual inventory system is problematic.