FIFA 15 Seasons needs an overhaul!

Everyone uses 5 star teams. I never find an opponent with a lesser rated team. I think what needs is how FIFA Interactive World Cup was back in fifa 15 coins PS4. Every team was rated the same, it’s the same level playing field for all and not everyone will use Chelsea, Bayern, PSG, Barcelona, or Real Madrid.

I have played ONE game of Seasons since I bought the game. That is how God awful it is. What Seasons needs is a lobby room where you can chat with ppl and CHALLENGE them. With this room you can also ask for 1-4* games and you can challenge others to a game of MANUAL. Imagine you go into a room of about 50 ppl. Your chances of finding the game you want will be VERY HIGH compared to the crappy Seasons system that Fifa has made. Not to mention the SPEED of the game play is ridiculously fast and most ppl did not like it on Fifa15. Those who play on Manual should also be RANKED higher since it takes a lot more skill to measure, weigh, and aim a pass/shot. There is no more skill anymore to Fifa… Even nubs just pick Madrid/Barca and win with ease.

So for example you set your settings for the match you want in the lobby and next to your game everyone in the lobby can see your Latency / 1-5*game/ game speed/Controllers/ Ranked/Unranked… How fkin hard can that be?? Even the PS3 had 1000000000000000000000x better online settings.

Seasons might as well be renamed Real Madrid mode.

Highlights how arcadey and poor this Fifa to me, skill gap has all but been eliminated as every game is just a sprint fest. So everyone needs to choose the fastest and most effective team to ensure they win.

I remember on Fifa 10 or 12 I could choose a championship team and still beat the best teams in the game if I was better than my opponent, those days are long gone. It’s probably the most brainless Fifa ever created, zero reward for patient and clever play, the most effective way is to play ultra high pressure winning the ball high up the pitch and immediately launch through-ball/chip-though-ball you could train a monkey to do it, and he’d probably have a decent win ratio.

Hopefully some big changes will be made as I’m fed up with losing trying to play good football rather than playing like a brain dead fifa coins robot which is unfortunately the most effective style.


FIFA 15 UT server problems due to EA Feb 11 maintenance

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins servers are down right now according to reports coming in from both Twitter and status update websites. The football game is played by millions around the world and this is prime time UK daytime, although that only counts for those not at work or school.

We first heard about FIFA 15 UT servers going down early on Feb 11, 2015, in the morning from Product Reviews readers. After checking the Down Today website, it’s also clear that problems are taking place that seem to focus on getting connected to EA servers in the UK at least.

Also, checking the official EA Sports FIFA 15 channel reveals EA servers are unavailable due to maintenance taking place today (Feb 11). It’s unclear if players in the USA are also impacted, but you can see the said tweet below in the screenshot.

Are you impacted by the FIFA 15 server maintenance today and if so, what country are you in when seeing servers down? Hopefully, this maintenance doesn’t turn into an outage for many hours, as we have seen in the past. Reported problems this week could also be a reason for taking servers offline, which may fix issues players had earlier in the week.

Update: The FIFA 15 coins maintenance is scheduled for 3 hours and the times are 9AM to 12NOON, GMT. You should notice the downtime on PS4, Xbox One, and last generation platforms. If the downtime lasts longer than scheduled, then share a comment below.

Has anybody had any of these issue?

I am playing on fifa coins xbox 360 and every time i play a match on UT i am having the same issue.

When i go into a game my game settings have default back to default, so the camera setting, height etc are back to normal.

Next is problem is the formation. When you pause the game the management screen shows the correct formation, but when you select it, it shows some random formation.

These things i can just change back and it stays like that for the rest of the match (i get the same thing when playing a new match)

The final in play issue i have is the biggest as i cant change the settings back. This is my custom tactic. If when playing a match i go to the tactics, select my custom and select edit, rather than showing everything how i put it, it shows everything as 0s and positioning as organised (see screen shot, sorry the quality). If i try to change it back then save it, it just goes back to 0s straight away again.

The only way i have managed to fix this issue temporary is to delete the fifa 15 coins from the xbox hdd, but this only fixes the issue for 1-2 games. Has anybody else have these issues or know how to fix them ?

I’m quitting FIFA 15

I’ve decided to finally stop playing FIFA 15 coins.It was addicting (because it’s football) but I’d rage everytime just because the developers weren’t able to program a good football videogame. EA is so incompetent that it literally hurts everytime I see something go wrong in a match which is neither realistic or based on skill.

EA only cares about the amount of money that comes in with FUT and totally ignores the real football and videogame lovers for YEARS.

I’ve been following FIFA since FIFA 96. Since FIFA 10 I’ve been following it via the internet. Everytime there are amazing ideas contributed by the community, and pleas to get certain things fixed but they are just flat out ignored.

It’s not even a matter of not being able to nor a budget problem. These are simple things but they just choose to screw us over and over again.
EA has been voted 2 times in a row as the worst company, and FIFA 15 confirms it (also Simcity did lol).

Anyway I’m going to have a lot of free time now that I decided to stop playing FIFA 15 coins store, I’ve won the division 1 title a couple of times and I’ve proven that handicap exists on several forums. I hope EA goes bankrupt but that’s just wishful thinking.

Ideas and Suggestions for Fifa 16

I would like to see a buy fifa 15 coins return of the training mode found in Practice arena.

With the option to press X or square after scoring for a replay.

I would also like to see that when simulating a game other than calender simulation or your injured, the game may or may not offer you a chance to play and come on as a sub. When the game starts it will show the substitute animation.
This cannot take place after the 75th minute, otherwise It would be pointless.

Other than being injured in training players can fall sick, or have to attend to personal matters which can rule them out of one game but this only happens very rarely.

The Arena lobbies would also be a great addition for manual players like myself, though I am aware that in the previous versions, there weren’t a lot of people using them.

As an extra, I would like more and more fluid cheap fifa 15 coins animations.
E.G, my player will go to walk away then suddenly flip 180 degrees to raise his hand about a card.
It would be better if he turned around or the referee called the player to him.

Good FIFA 15 CM team

There’s a few at Villa, we’ve had a torrid couple of seasons and have potential to be back up there (used to finish 6th/7th a few seasons ago) and have won European Cup before so Champion’s League potential. Clark, Okore, Delph and obviously Benteke are decent youngsters to use, Grealish gets cheap fifa 15 coins into high 80s. Also, Randy Learner (owner) is looking to sell in real life so a new manager/owner kind of story with or without a financial takeover is quite realistic & good fun. West Ham are always a favorite, Morrison, Carrol, Jenkinson and Reed all have potential above 80, Burnley/Leicester are good for a challenge but don’t have too many decent youngsters, Burnley have Ings and Trippier though. All have proper stadiums too which is nice.

As for C’ship I’d say Watford are a good option, few decent youngsters (Vydra (on loan), Murray) and are pushing for promotion irl. Nottingham Forest (Lascelles, Darlow (although they’re on loan from Newcastle), Patterson and Assombalonga), Sheffield Wednesday (Stevie May starts pretty high and gets up to high 70s) and Derby (Hughes (obvs), Hendrick & Russell). All teams with a few good youngsters who should really be in the Prem imo. Bournemouth are currently top irl and have a couple of decent youngsters (Gosling, Fraser & Matthews). Think they have a pretty small budget though.

If you really fancy a challenge, Sheffield United are a decent team to do, they were playing in the Prem about 8-9 years ago (can’t remember exactly) but are currently down in League One. They don’t have many youngsters but they are known irl for producing decent academy fifa coins players (Kyle Walker & Phil Jagielka both came from their academy) so you could invest in youth team scouting and try to get decent young players from there.

Fifa 15 / Origin issue

I started up FIFA 15 coins on PS4 for the first time in 2015 the other day in the hope of starting a new career mode. But when I tried to download the latest squads, I got a message saying I could not log on to EA servers, since I do not have an Origin account. I DO have an origin account and I have used it for playing FIFA since it was launched.

I read about the issue and learned that if you updated your profile on Origin the issue would go away. So I try to log in to Origin through their webpage (and various other methods on various devices and browsers), but I simply can’t. My log in information are correct, but it just loads forever until it gives up in the end making it impossible to see or update my info. The only way to get into Origin is through EA (hence this post), but even though I update my profile through here it won’t work.

2 things:

1) How do I solve this so I can play again?

2) Where is the hidden camera?