I found both my players missing from my FUT club

I packed Ronaldo and Di maria and after the recent maintenance I found both my players missing from my FUT club. I have been waiting for 10 days and they eventually gave me only 50,900 coins for my players. This is a not acceptable from EA. I will never buy an EA product again. Fifa 15 is the last one for me and besides nobody can play this game because of things such as cheating. This game makes people really angry because you cannot play the game properly. If the game wants, you win, if the game wants, your opponent wins. You cant control your players it’s EA predetermining the outcome of the game. Regarding missing players, Ea don’t care because EA FIFA 15 Coins only want our money. ?f they don’t give me my missing players (Ronaldo and Di maria) they know i will buy fifa points and continue to open packs but i will never give any more money to this company. This is my last message in this forum. Ea you must know now you are making a lot of money but if a good football game was released you will lose all of your customers because you are making a lot of mistakes and don’t fix them or the issues in the game. A lot of players sense something is off with the game yet you constantly deny everything and now you can ban me but you must be sure i will share these problems and your mistakes wherever I wish. Is it really hard to investigate and find 2 player of a FUT club in 10 days? I know you wont give me my players and you want me to buy more fifa points but I won’t. Sorry for my bad English. I am only trying to post about my problem and i know you wont fix this

FIFA 15: 50 Highest Rated Players In 2014

Ahead of the much anticipated release of FIFA 15 Coins, game developers EA Sports have already given us something to whet our appetites. But the newly revealed Top 50 players will cause some contention!

As it is every year, the new rankings before the game’s release gets people talking. Each of us may think that we’re so much better at FIFA than the rest of our friends (I am, trust me) but what good are you if you don’t have the tools to work with? Endless debate rages on over who should be the highest rated players on each edition of the franchise, and with good reason.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but that’s what helps make FIFA so great. The game play is second to none, but the banter is priceless – and that can start in earnest from the September 26th release date.

Of course, some players are so gifted that they can even take FIFA minnows – lets take Danish club Brondby as an example – to overcome the biggest clubs in the game. But for the majority, the newly revealed ratings for the game’s best players will be very important to their leisure time over the next year or so.

So, are the players worthy of their rating this year? FIFA are usually pretty accurate with their overall decisions, but opinion will no doubt be split over who should be the best ranked from the top two players on the planet, as well as from the plethora of other players gracing the world’s greatest clubs. Read on to find out if every one of the top fifty are worthy of their ranking.

FIFA talents looking for fresh blood

Don’t get fooled by the small amount of games our club has played. We’re a small group of players that decided to create a new club to climb the leaderboard. We’re all very experienced players.

We have several rules that we stick to:
– The managers always decide which position anyone is playing
– Everybody can have criticism, but we want people to tell eachother normally. We don’t like people to fight and swear
– We play a passing game. There’s no FIFA Coins place for dribbling the whole game
– If you trial for a position don’t expect to play any other position if it’s already taken.
– If you join the club we want you to have a mic
– We want to stay active every night. Ofcourse you can skip now and then, but try to be there a lot.

At the moment we’re looking for:
– CB
– GK
– Striker

If you’re interested add Denthemen88 or Mikmatlfc on PSN and send a message on PSN.

See you soon guys!

Eddie’s 4-2-3-1 (2) guide added Custom tactic and FIFA 15 player instructions!

Hello and welcome to my 4-2-3-1 (2) guide, i’ve been meaning to do something like this for the past couple years but my laziness always got the better of me. Oh well, new fut, new opportunities huh?

I consider myself a really good player (ego included) and have found this formation to be the most effective for the online division 1 competitive game, if you want to Buy FIFA 15 Coins play cups, this is not for you. I only play divisions.

Does it need an introduction? I would say no. Every single person that’s familiar with football is familiar with the 4-2-3-1 formation since it is one of the most popular formations of the modern game and one of the most balanced and difficult to break down while providing enough attacking outlets.


The defense is made up by a typical back four, 2 full backs and 2 centerbacks, nothing new here.
The fullbacks: I like to use attacking fullbacks on both sides, pace is recommended but not essential. You can get away with most around 70+ pace fullbacks if you are a capable defenders, I like a bit of height on them since they sometimes have to defend the occasional header, but it’s not as bad as FIFA 14. Make sure they have good passing stats and dribbling. you will find yourself using your fullbacks to kickstart attacks more often than not.

Recommended players: Clichy, Evra, Marcelo, Alaba, Alba, Baines, Alves, Maicon, Konko, piszscek, Juanfran.


Not much to say here, get the centerbacks with who you feel comfortable playing, I recommend a centerback with 75+ pace to deal with the Doumbias and Musa’s of this world, make sure that your CBs not only has pace but that he has actual good defensive stats. I’ve noticed stats do make a difference this year, specially when it comes to manual tackles and slides. Workrates depend on your style of play, I usually don’t mind workrates as long as the CB is good.

You can either use 2 juggernauts CBs ala Chiellini and Kompany or you can use ball playing CBs ala hummels and Pique or a mix of both. I personally have had the most success using at least 1 ball playing CB who can distribute the ball out of the back without misplacing passes, 75+ short passing is recommended.

Recommended CBs: Strong juggernaut CB type: Kompany, Chiellini, Mangala, Boateng, Pepe, Ogbonna, Sokratis, Santana, Naldo.

Ball playing CB: Hummels, Pique, Ramos, Thiago Silva, Mascherano, Koscielny, IF bonucci, David Luiz.

Now this is where it gets interesting, the 4-2-3-1-2 has IMO the most complete midfield out of all the formations, sure you lose 1 striker in comparison to 41212 and 352 but you’ll see that you’ll get a plethora of attacking options with such a midfield.
The midfield as you can see is distributed between 2 CDM, LM, RM and a CAM which provide both wide and central outlets as well as more than enough defensive cover in the form of 2 CDMS.

Center Defensive Midfielders

Here’s where your playstyle and what you want to achieve while playing comes into a play, this formation has 2 defensive midfielders which means you can accomodate players in this position that wouldn’t make the cut in 1 CDM formations, particularly the deep lying playmaker type of player and the complete midfielder with freedom to go up and down the pitch.

You basically have 3 options when it comes to your defensive mids.

Play with 2 destroyers: playing with 2 pure cdms will make you become a brickwall when defending, they will run, chase, tackle and get the ball back all game. Doing this will take away offensive bite but will provide extra defending power for those who don’t feel 100% confident with defending this year.

1 Destroyer + 1 deep lying playmaker: The destroyer needs to be fast, with High defensive workrates, strong and with a decent passing stat on him. He will more often than not have to double his effort when it comes to defending to allow the luxury of having a deep lying playmaker in the team.

Few FUT players can say that they use or have had a lot of success when it comes to using a deep lying playmaker who will most of the time be slow and not contribute a lot in the defending part of the game, however, when pulled right, it’s a thing of beauty. This formation was made for guys like Pirlo and Xavi who can thrive under the protection of a dedicated cdm and the space to operate with the ball. Pirlo specially is amazing and way better than in the last 2 UTs IMO. This is my favorite CDM combo.

1 dedicated cdm + 1 workhorse: Sorta like the 1st option, with the difference than you can move the ball forward quicker using your workhorse, usually a player with h/h workrates, decent pace and good passing stats who can move the ball forward effectively albeit not as good as a playmaker but that can make up for it with hard work. This combo is also very effective.
There’s also a 4th combination which is using a complete midfielder/workhorse + a deep lying playmaker, it’s also effective but you will have to be extra careful because your workhorse (vidal for example), will tend to move up the pitch, leaving you exposed or only with the deep lying playmaker as cover, however, It can work and I’ve had some success with it.

EA working with ‘partners’ while FIFA 15 servers down

The official EA Sports FIFA on Twitter has confirmed they are working with Sony and Microsoft while the FIFA 15 FUT servers seem to be down today. As most of Product Reviews readers are aware by now, PSN and Xbox Live are under attack and have been offline for most of December 25.

Many developers are updating gamers directly on their official Twitter channels, so as expected, we see the same from EA Sports. While it might first look like EA’s servers are down, the fact is PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles are not able to connect or sign-in due to a DDOS directed at Sony/Microsoft.

The latest Xbox Live and PSN Status update details services as offline, or “Core Services” being “Limited for Xbox One and 360 owners. This is the biggest outage we have seen in years and of course, it’s on one of the biggest days for online gaming.

You can see the said tweet left by EA Sports FIFA above, which basically answered a question from one FIFA 15 owner that wanted to know why “Ultimate Team is down”. EA made it clear they are “working together” with their “partners to resolve this situation as soon as possible”.

If you try to access most online areas of a PS4 and Xbox One, you will receive error codes. For example, NW-31456-9 is given when trying to see your friends list on PS4, but this is down and PSN is offline right now.

Have you been able to play FIFA 15 online on Dec 25, or any EA FIFA 15 Coins game for that matter?

Also See: Rooney, Van Persie shine in Aston Villa Vs Man Utd SIM

The FIFA 15 community mentality

I love this game. EA FIFA 15 Coins have done an amazing job recreating real life football. It’s not perfect, I know. But it’s getting real damn close. When I face an opponent actually willing to play good football, it is so enjoyable.

However! Most of the people I face, let’s say 3/4, are so obsessed with getting the laziest, cheapest wins possible. I am past the point of finding pace + high pressure annoying. It is just boring now! I can’t even be bothered cutting off zigzag runs.
I try to get my enjoyment out of playing my own game, win or lose. And I advise anyone reading this to do the same. It has changed the game for me.

Next time you feel like cursing this game or EA, ask yourself what it is you’re actually annoyed by.

I just get bored. If I’m playing single matches and it’s a draw at fulltime against someone playing like a * I just score an OG. That way I don’t have to put up with another 30 in game minutes of terrible gameplay, followed by a penalty lagfest and I’m on to the next game against a no doubt more enjoyable opponent!

Went up 4-0 in a Div 1 game just then so me and my opponent resorted to trying to score with our keepers.

He nearly scored with Howard lol. Handanovic nearly scored a free kick.

Only the most important fifa15 things:

1) Slower pace

2) Slower speed of players with the ball (in reality, a player with the ball runs more slowly than when he hasn’t it)

3) Closer marking in midfield (in reality most of the time you lose the ball in midfield, not always in the box)

4) Defenders more strongly in the tackle

5) Fix FIFA 15 Coins absurd panalties

1) Pace is already slow enough, especially since the latest update.

2) Go say that to CR7 and Robben.

3) Learn how to play + custom tactics.

4) Defenders are already overpowered since the last update, learn how to defend.

5) You want realism ? Absurd penalties occur in real life too.

Why 442 is the best formation in FIFA 15


With this formation the back four are solid and they won’t move out of position and when u attack they will press the middle of the field along with your 2 cm’s causing the available space for your opponets to be limited, think of it like the defense and the attackers are squeezing the middle of the field causing way less space to operate. Why is this good? It’s because passing is easier and more effective, short passes and 1-2 passing are easy to use while your opponents players will be forced to squeeze into a tighter space making it easier for u to find open spaces. Many of you younger fans might not know of a man called Arrigo Sacchi. Ex Milan coach who revolutionized football in the late 80s and early 90’s with his ac Milan team playing 442 and causing opponents all over the world to watch on in amazement as his team wreaks havoc in all competitions. I copied this style of play from him and used it in fifa.

now this is where this formation really shines. this is the engine of the 442, this is where you will make plays and defend, so u need a midfielder that can run all match and is and all round player. Personally I use Alex witsel and javi Garcia for my russian team, and marchisio and Vidal for serie a, and Fellaini and Ramsey for bpl. So u get what I mean. On the wings u need players that can do both jobs defend and attack. Players like asamoah or lichsteiner is perfect for this. This type of total football midfield four will make attacking plays easier with 6 players and defense real solid with 8 FIFA 15 Coins PC players.


ok here is where u can be creatiive. U can either play with 2 strong * like lewandowski and Ramos or 2 speedy * like doumbia and must or a mix like giovinco and llorente. Personally I switch it around but if you are new to this formation then I would stick with 2 fast * then transition to bigger strikers.

Please share your awesome 442 teams here!!

FIFA 15 Formations Tips and Strategy Guide

FIFA 15 brings out a wide array of player formations. While allowing players to choose from a range of formations from the previous iterations, the game also brings in new formations to provide players with a novel FIFA 15 Coins experience.

You will often hear people asking about the best formation in FIFA 15. The answer to this question is that there are none.

FIFA 15 Formations Tips

Formations are complemented by your individual play style and players in your squad. Thus, there are no good or bad formations, but how you set up your game around a particular formation.

In this guide, I have provided some of the formations that have been proven to work well for a number of players. I have also provided some of the drawbacks and strengths of these formations to give you an idea of how to use them most effectively.

The basic idea behind this formation is to crowd the area near the middle of the pitch. By doing so, you’ll render the efforts of opponent team to keep possession almost useless. However, there is one major drawback: because of the crowded midfield, your backline will not remain stable.

When going with this formation, try and use a couple of your CDMs to push back and focus on getting the ball to the attacking side of your squad. With a couple of passing options at your disposal, your opponent will never be able to predict your next move.

Coming to countering this formation; like I’ve already mentioned, this formation is weak when it comes to fullbacks so you’ll always be vulnerable from both wings.

In addition to this, fake shots seem to work really well against opponents with this formation. While near the goal, your first strike should be a fake one – towards the goal and away from the defender. This will bring up opportunities for a score.

I wouldn’t exactly call this to be a purely attacking formation, but somehow I felt putting it in here. With this formation, you’ll receive a lot of room to pass around with almost every player, which is one of the biggest strengths of this formation.

On the negative side, your RM and LM tend to get somewhat weak due to the strong spine. This drawback, however, can easily be counted by having decent wide players like Bale.

In addition to the things stated above, you need to have huge focus on the CAM. A couple of good plays and sharp passes from him can be enough to turn the outcome of the game.

And like I’ve already stated, I don’t consider this formation to be purely attack-based. This is more of a balanced formation which allows players to adapt to different play FIFA 14 Coins styles.

This is another pretty balanced formation with a lot of attacking options. Whether you’re going with attacking or defending, you’ll always find good number of players at your disposal.

With a couple of CDMs and another couple of fullbacks as well as the GK himself, this will provide you quite a strong defensive formation. On the negative side of things, the position of the CAMs is not at all ideal.

While playing with this formation, you need to put huge focus on the 2 CDMs at your disposal. With four players up front, four players at the back, and 2 midfield players; you need to ensure that the two players are strong enough.

I would recommend playing mildly-aggressive. Rely on the longer passes to pass the ball to the 4 players up front because you won’t have many players in the center of the pitch.

When we talk about attacking formations related to 4-3-3-, this formation really stands out. With this formation, one of the CM players in your squad becomes a CAM and is placed behind the front attacking line – behind the striker.

This formation allows you to put pressure on your opponents by using your top 3. However, keep in mind that going all out on your opponent will not work in your favour.

When going with counter-attacking, make sure to intercept the ball when it is between your attack and the midfield. You should always rely on your three attackers when you’re going for a counter-attack.

In case you’re getting pressurized by your opponents, you should always rely on your CMs, the most. Once you get hold of this formation, you will know when and how to play the ball while pressurizing opponents and getting out of trouble yourself.

While playing the FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll often come across players with this formation. The basic idea behind this formation is to use two Central Defensive Midfielders in addition to a single CAM right behind the position of the single striker.

One of the best things about this formation is the flexibility that it provides when it comes to different play styles. Whether you’re planning on keeping possession or hitting opponents on the break, this formation will come in really handy.

Not only this, but you can also go with a crossing game or short passes to make plays.

You need to put all your focus on the midfield area with your five midfielders – these are the players who will be running the most. If you’re planning on keeping possession, consider the interplay between Central CAM, wide CAM, CDM, and your fullback.

One of the key strengths of going with this formation is restrict the ability of the opponent team to dribble in the open. In addition to this, the numbers of defenders with this formation will pin down the opponent’s attacking squad.

In fact, the formation is so good that it’s often banned in some of the local competitive matches. Do note that if you’re going with this formation, you’ll be required to engage in continuous attacks with one player up top.

When we talk about beating this formation, you’ll need attacking formations like 4-1-2-1-2 or 3-5-2. I’ve already discussed 3-5-2 in the Attacking Formations; you can check it for more details.

If you’re not comfortable with these formations, you can also change your squad’s mentality to attacking. When it comes to attacking, I wouldn’t recommend going down the center of the field!

With most of players agglomerated in the middle, you need to plan your attack down the wings. It’s generally a good idea to initiate the attack with wide midfielder and fullback. In the end, you can also go for counter-attack mentality.

You need to bait your opponent by losing the possession and let them advance. Once you’ve received the ball, kick off a counter-attack with a long pass to your strikes to make plays.

It’s no news that the best strategy to use midfielders is to use them for a counter-attack. Keeping this thing in mind, the basic strategy behind this formation is to have three midfielders play ahead and in a more aggressive manner.

However, do note that you must have a decent/strong defensive center midfielder to make this formation work effectively. Another small thing that you need to keep in mind is to play with accurate vertical passes.

In case an opponent is using this formation, your best bet is either skill moves or faking shots. Since this formation is mostly based on the strength and position of the CDM, you can easily get past him using one of the skill moves or fake shots followed by a finesse shot from any of the strikers.

Electronic Arts has brought in a couple of new formations in FIFA Ultiamte Team 15. This flat midfield 4-5-1-(2) is one of the new formations that has seen its way to the game this year.

The thing that distinguish this formation from the standard 4-5-1 formation is that this formation is much crowded on the midfield. Yes, you will have a single striker at the top, but you will also have five midfielders to back him up.

With quite a lot of support at his disposal, the striker up top will be able to make plays.

When going with this formation, you will be most dependant upon the CDMs. Your CDM will play the role of both a holder and a link-up passer. However, you need to make sure that all these plays are make while the CDM is in his position.

When going with this formation, it is a good idea to switch from Balanced to Attacking. The reason for this is that in other case, the CMs quite a lot passive to pressurize te opponent’s half of the field.

You can also go for ultra-attacking if you feel like more pressure is needed. In case you get a player sent off, you can switch to ultra-defensive and substitute as needed.

Talking about skill moves, you can go with feints and ball rolls, both of which will work really effectively with this formation.

ABduls’s in FIFA 15 trouble

I did a lil digging around and I see EA has done something in these two recent maintenances to stop the bots in their tracks. Not saying all the bots are off the market but a substantial proportion are. This is why so many are finding bargains in the bins. Iv seen a fair few posted on the forums recently. Missed out on a couple myself by a few secs.

Anyways I have to applaud EA for doing that, it will be a lot better trading now but you know ABdul’s is looking for a fix. Its a cat and mouse game right now EA is ahead doubt it will be long before ABdul’s back with a vengeance.

Not sure if they did something that helped fix the glitch as well, its possible. If thats the case then thens are looking up for the FUT 15 Coins market.

Have not come accross anything incredible yet but hearing people have, still some good profits being made all round. Time to enjoy some trading again.