Are EA actually aware that this FIFA game is unrealistic?

Kick off – hold R2 – sprint past players, you’re through on goal. Why isn’t this fixed fifa 15 coins yet?

During the game – hold R2 – get pace boost, glide past opposition players, you’re through on goal. Why isn’t this fixed yet?

It doesn’t matter if there’s ways to stop the pace, it shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

Spot on mate! The game is literally a joke this year so unrealistic and more frustrating than ever before.

Its as if they try to out do themselves in how frustrating and annoying they can make the game.

People who know and understand football, who actually play football cannot play or be good at the game because it is so unrealistic. The goals that are scored in every single ultimate team online game are goals that you see once in a decade! Okay its fair enough if in like 1 in 5-10 games you score or have a goal scored against you thats just crazy and special. You can accept that but every game is so damn stupid!

EA are actually the worst company ive come across. 4 days in a row and servers are down, I had a day off work, hadnt played fifa in almost a month for 1. being annoyed at the game, 2. selling all my players for the market crash. Finally i got all my players back and then some but I couldnt play for that entire day.

We keep complaining but they never do anything about it. Please Please Please fifa coins PS4 buy the rights and I will switch in an instant! David Rutter is an ugly little money grabbing, greedy RAT!!!