Rubbish FIFA 15 goalkeepers

I mostly play FUT 15 Coins but I tried a Seasons match in 15 with Borussia Dortmund (after being overmatched against a PSG player whose team seemed way faster and stronger then mine, he dominated but lost connection before he could score).

Anyway, I go 1-0 up after 4 minutes with an excellent well-worked goal.

Later, he starts to control the game and puts a cross (not from the byline, but further back) into the box, my defence challenges and the ball goes up in the air, I press Y to get my keeper to come and collect the ball, should be easy..he does come BUT he does nothing when he gets there HE DOESN’T JUMP and lets the opponent head the ball into the net.
(replays show he actually took a step back, by himself or being challenged I don’t know)

Not long after, another attack, he cuts open my defence but I don’t sweat with the last defender because the angle means the goalie should have the shot covered…instead, he lets in a not very hard hit rolling shot in at his near post.

TWO goals conceded due to rubbish goalkeeping. I quit. Might as well have a traffic cone in goal.

So, when you press Y for your keeper to come and gather a cross he doesn’t catch or punch it automatically now? You have to press another button? Which button is it? So these keepers can still run out of their own box without being told yet they can’t catch a fifa ball?


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