Trove: the roaming dragon turns to those faithful people

As a 2.2k pr gunslinger, I wonder into the cursed vale. I was leveling my character and I need the mastery. This place is dark and I don’t like it, but I have to do this, 1k more pr and I’m in the top 250 in contest.
Its very quite, I don’t like it. But suddenly I see a flicker, a faint flicker in the fog. Wait, that fog wasn’t there a few moments ago. I need to approach it

What is this is see out in the darkness, the thick fog slowly collecting in the eerie corner of darkness. There is a glow, a mysterious glow. I am now getting curious. Just as a take a step a griffin steps out of the darkness. It looks like a member of drumsticks for gotten brethren. I have discovered a new species. But this one isn’t exotic like Paul or dark like Falminar. This one is spooky, undead even. Slightly disfigured with a balefire glow, the glow is so powerful, almost unbearable. The beast gets closer and I can see that it’s eyes are also balefire, lack of light maybe. Its beak shines in the slightly exposed sun, its feathers are blowing in the wind, but the feathers are also ruffled. I need to document this Cheap Trove Flux. As I jot down the description it gets closer and shows its sharp beak. I am suddenly scared and I stand up quick! Bad move. I fall down due to the sudden movement. I can no longer get away, it seems as though I am doomed.

I quickly drank a vial and my master cheep emblem activated and created a diversion, only one punch worth before dieing, though. Still I was able to make a break for it with my trusty SKRGLE by my side. As I enter candoria I hear a deafening screech it is still following me, this time not on the ground. It is flying, no, gliding. It is gaining quickly, I jump on my pemblock and I start to gain serious grou……*bang crash* Nooooo I have found a roaming Dracocolattl!

I am stuck and now the griffon is circling above, waiting for me either waste my energy by slaying this sweet behomoth or get sent to the big cube in the sky so it can swoop down and devour my remainings. Wait what’s that I see 3 trivia coming to my rescue, the roaming dragon turns to those faithful few allowing me to glance up through the Trove Flux for sale. The griffon is gone. This was all in vain . I see that these heroes have it handled so I find I go back to hub. As I talk to other people about this they tell me of stories of a spooky balefire beast in the old hub tunnels. I ask for directions and I thank them. I am on my way

I am now freshly arrived with my pr 19.3k revanant. Off in the distance I spot a figure in the fog. I approach it only to be relieved, for it is only saltwater sam. But now I found a cornerstone plot and I start digging far down on the edges of the plot. After 3 minutes I find a opening to the tunnels. It is dark. I find gravestones with names everywhere. Some include Chronozilla and Uniquisher. I have heard of those names before , I belong to Uniquisher’s club VoxelBusters, and Chronozilla is a name I have hears quite often. Besides that I see balefire droppings everywhere, which leads to a 1 block wide endless hole. After 1 hour of searching I think I have found my destination.

I jump down the hole periodically jumping once to get rid of the mounting speed. I fall on a pile bones. As I check around I find a box containing a shadow ganda, and egg contains stubs dragon, and the levitating broomstick. This is weird, all these mounts have been in the games code (FOR A VERY LONG TIME) and before this discovery, has been thought to be unreleased. I hear a sound of air rushing then a thud. The griffon is here. It sees me and doesn’t waste time. It jumps on top of me and already I’m at a struggle, this isn’t going to be easy. I quickly catch the beak hid way through the beating and I use my strength to Buy Trove Flux throw it against the wall. A few jet black feathers fall to the ground. The griffon jumps but as it reaches it’s peak I jab it in the stomach, it releases a shriek of pain, then a low hiss. It jumps up and scratch’s me in the face then rams me with its side into the wall, i hit it in the head with my shield then I kick it hard with my foot. I have glowing green splatter on my shield. The fight had just began.

Finally as it seems I am about to vanquish the beast, I trip and it makes a break for it. On the way out it it takes that box of unreleased mounts. I try to chase it but I only have 34 jump, the hole is atleast 150 blocks high. It seems as though I will never get out of here.

This is the most interesting thing I have seen in the land of trove, its certainly majestic. The way that thing attacked me relentlessly, it was Neverending. That griffon was, how do I explain it. Undead. It was a necromance. I need a name for this beast. How about Neverending necromancer.

That man was never seen again, it is a myth to if this journal was even real. Everyone said this man must have been the RNG gods favorite trovian. He at one time 4 ganda sitting in his inventory, he was also the only man to ever see this griffon.
-journal found on October 31st 2015 by gaugekelley1, unknown author

gaugekelley1- I found this journal in a random cursed vale dungeon alongside a a jet black feather and scratch marks with balefire splatter on the journal. This beast sounds astonishishing, I find one and tame it!


Trove: the new collector UI

So if i had a character that before was like level 27 and a half…. then shouldn’t me character now be a higher level? It cant just count towards experience your going to earn it has to count on past experience also…. have they not implemented it yet most of my characters that arent 30 yet (i mean i didn’t know exact experience levels) but they seem the same… can anyone clarify this pretty please?

Overall, I really like the patch. I love the new collector UI, especially how easy it is to lock and unlock items and that you guys included a buy back option. I was pleasantly surprised to see the leveling curve changes. And, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys are hinting at for Friday. I mostly like the interaction changes, but I can see how it would be a problem for some players in dungeons. And, the tooltips were a little spammy just moving around in my cornerstone, so shrinking the proximity might help.

I like all the changes, despite just finishing leveling days before the XP change.

Vault Clubs – I already have two storage clubs that I took the time to build up a little on the one starting island so that they were more than just a few chests sitting on the ground. I don’t have a need for the Trove Flux for sale of Club & Officer storage, as I don’t gain that many tradable items. Sure, I would have preferred getting the option to delete all the Sea of Regret and limit my storage clubs’ data use to just the one island, but eh, whatever.

XP Changes – Sounds great. Going to be fun harassing my son more about leveling now that it’s easier and he can’t hide in PvP any more.

Loot Collector – I really like the new interface. The only issue I have with it is the “buy back” option. Currently it’s just a limited list. Collect more than that list can hold and things start falling off and are no longer able to be bought back. I’d suggest that at the very least anything that was ever “locked” would stay on this list for the entire time (24 hours is is?). More so., the total number of things listed to be bought back shouldn’t really have a cap past just the time limit.

New Interaction – I do not understand the complaints here. It seems to be working just fine for me so far. I even went as far as testing some things I heard complained about on my stream today (to be snipped later). I found that as long as my target was on something and the pop up prompt was there, I would interact with that thing. People told me that it would ignore that and take the closest thing. I stood in my personal chest, and interacted with several other things fine. People complained about not being able to Cheap Trove Flux to hitting a nearby portal instead. I stood on a portal and picked up loot individually. As long as the popup was there, I got it. The only thing I didn’t test was trying to not pick up loot and just hit an exit portal. I didn’t test this as I see not picking up things to be pointless and makes dungeon clearing less worth it (especially with the new loot collecting making it way quicker).

Albion Online Balance Changes

So one of the bigger turn offs for me in this patch is that the Nature Staff Heal over time has been changed rather drastically, essentially creating a scenario where on the 4th cast of HoT, you end up removing the heal over time and instead give the player you are healing your mana (the ratio seemed to be 1:1).

For me, this creates a couple issues with the spell, it makes it extremely difficult to use instead of minor balance because mana and sustainability outside of a 1vs1 scenario is already a big issue.
Before any amounts of over healing was inefficient for mana, but was also an easy way to play the class. This is much more noticeable with the .3 line which has a much higher mana cost for the Q vs the .2 and .1 line. I feel like there isn’t going to be many scenarios that justify giving the 4th tick (or mana) to the player while cutting the HoT early. It seems like less of a new mechanic and more of punishment to players who spam Q (which is already a bad way of playing) in response to a lot of pressure instead of slowly building up the Hot.

Maybe I am wrong about this and some godly healer / min-maxer can explain how the new mechanic is not just an over the top nerf to the Hot,so,it is Albion Online Items.

To me it would of made more sense to increase the maximum number of ticks and uptime, while reduce the mana cost, healing, allowing for a finer control of the heal over time or making the mana returned much more potent.

The bigger issue I have is that for PvP at least the mushroom cloud is just not viable in a lot of instances, and this has gone unchanged, meaning the only way for nature staff users to continue to PvP is to adapt to these new HoT mechanics and essentially take a hit to the overall way of playing the class.

TL;DR: This patch removes options and does a lot less for nature staff users on a weapon by weapon basis. Please consider looking into more options for the nature staff that don’t involve removing current playstyles.

Albion Online: It comes down to a question

Our group of 8 just spent the last 3 hours roaming circles around Black Forest (got home at 5, logged on, it is now 8 pm). We had a total of 1 fight against a group of ~20. Haven’t seen a single soul outside of that zerg. None of our players want to pve (we are all t7 unlocked), and certainly no one wants to gather (we are sitting on hordes of t5/t6 mats).

WE WANT TO PVP. The chests don’t spawn for another hour. I love this game, and when there are fights it is great. But i will be honest, i feel like i am spending Albion Online Gold looking for fights that are completely a toss up with regards to amount of fun (ganking gatherers with a group of 5+ isnt fun, getting zerged down as 5-10 by 20 isnt fun).

I know SI is working on things to increase hotspots/etc, but i am so bored playing the game right now i felt i should come to the forums and share the experience. Gone are the days where you could log on, decide to find albion online gold shop and go to 1-2 maps and get one with 90% certainty. Flesh/Heart of the earth were my playgrounds. every night at least one fight. It broke up the monotony of the grind.

Unless there are changes on the team I feel its downhill. I’m disappointed, I love this game too.I am myself experienced the exact same you are writing there and we will make smaller faster changes soon like increasing the drops in Hellgates/Raids/Castles/Chests and we are also reviewing the map and I believe we have a good idea that will bring back more PvP to everyone. But especially the map change is a bigger topic.

We seem to find plenty of fights in the black zone. I’m not saying this applies to you, Lewk, but a lot of the people I see complaining are the same folks that that established large alliances with everyone around them in their time zone. At some point, people that insist on making official and unofficial alliances with as many people as they can, have to accept responsibility for not having anyone to fight.

It comes down to a question of: Is it better to “win” and be bored or to risk “losing” and have people to fight?

Fights around black forest are stupid. Couple of guys stand on guards. Daggers drop frikkin traps and if they dont finish u and that they might get ass kicked go back to town with no problem for Albion Online Powerleveling. This concept is kind of poke a bear if it respond run to towns safety.This is much appreciated. I actually love when relic locker/chest time comes around, it often does the trick to bring pvp. I am a bit concerned with the proposed changes however, as you are proposing greater rewards on a LONGER cooldown. I would have hoped for shorter cooldown to provide more action rather than long downtimes.

Albion Online: Gathering nodes are spread out over mostly empty

Yeah.. I don’t know that the issue is how grindy gathering is / that it’s the main gate. I actually like the fact that more people can use higher end gear more easily, it’s just not around as much. It provides opportunity to a larger percentage of players to try competitive PVP.

In some ways the massive equipment wall has actually nerfed zergs a little bit IMO because it is so extreme that even very large alliances struggle with it, burning huge amounts of man hours, LP, and / or transmutation money to gear their gvg teams into the best albion online silver store and available equipment. Losing a few sets of bleeding edge gear can be pretty devastating to an entire alliance.

In spite of this though, I have to agree with the general spirit of the thread. Albion is boring for most of us now.

This is not a game that will hold the interest of a PVP focused crowd unless you are in the small % that is GVGing. Even those people might become bored with repetition. There are PVP games with less tedium and far more replay value out there. There isn’t even GVG for you at all unless you are in a stable zerg in black that is able to farm competitive resources. Why were gear capped yellow / red gvgs removed?? They were a way for more casual / less experienced guilds to get a taste of a core PVP element of this game. I think that change really boggled most people’s minds.

It won’t hold the interest of a PVE crowd because there is virtually no new content from last beta, in fact a lot has actually been removed to albion online gold shop. Giants, grottos (HUGE mistake, why was this even done?). While the art of the new biomes is very good, new cosmetics does not constitute new PVE.

The dungeons, after numerous years and betas, are still clones of each other, nothing more than identical mazes with mostly identical NPC pulls. No puzzles to solve or traps to avoid. No variation in layouts. No interesting AI behavior or memorable characters.

Gathering nodes are spread out over mostly empty, enormous cluster maps. These maps are also full of cul-de-sacs that literally contain nothing, empty space. At least put a few resource nodes in there or something. Just another annoyance to gatherers.

Albion Online: No its not a win for the developers

Let’s not get into how P2W Albion is, plenty of other threads for that.

This is a thread about pure servers, of which there is literally no downsides to existing. Sub fee covers costs and anyone who doesnt like the whole gold/membership system can play on pure servers and avoid them, at a modest fee.

Its a Win-Win for everyone.I do agree that sub based games are the superior model by a long shot BUT for a sub based game model to work they have to have a very large and very loyal player base. With the narrow target audience that Albion currently is designed for (large zerg alliance / guild players) and its low retention rate (no exciting or new content after a month or so) it would not be able to survive under a subscription model. At least not with its current build.

RS has survived over a decade with its small sub base extremely well, you dont need a large base to survive with subs. Not to mention the fact you still have the core server with all its people Buy Albion Online Gold/memberships/microtransactions in the case of Albion. Even when Jagex added 07RS all it did was bring in new people, not divide the community. This isnt replacing anything, or even risking anything. Its an extra choice on the side that exists to attract people who would not be interested in playing Albion in the first place because of its business model.

No its not a win for the developers. Servers and development require a constant influx of money. The initial $30 for the game is not going to pay for those expenses. That is where MTX and gold sales kick in.Online games need a constant flow of money.If you connect to a server, that server costs money to keep up.Plus online games (such as Albion) are worked on after release. So you have to pay the artists, programmers, and other developers their wages.This requires a constant influx of money.A monthly subscription, or micro-transactions, are the only ways for an online game to be successful.

Personally I like the Subscription better than the Micro-transactions.RS is the 3rd most profitable MMO in western culture behind WoW and FF14 and has one of the highest active subscriber counts and player retention rates. You simply cannot compare Albion to a masterpiece and industry Juggernaught like Runescape in its current form.

Runescape stability, successful features, player retention, and past failures should all be studied in order to help produce the best albion online silver store.Thinking Albion in its current form though can compete with RS is delusional. There are simply too many problems, too narrow of a player base, no retention past a few months, and massive swings in development( low stability) with the debate of p2w in place.

They still have a lot of work to do before they can consider a sub model.

Albion Online: Player Village Territory

My idea is to have Player Village Territories scattered in yellow/red/black zones.

I think this would add a whole new level so solo play and add more content and social interaction.

Player Village Territories would act just like clan territories. Every couple of zones a unique Player Village Territory would be placed for Albion Online Powerleveling. There would be a number of claimable lots with one or two large lots and the rest small for houses/crafting stations.

There would need to be new buildings added that a player could build. Here are some examples of new buildings;

Large Plot Buildings (only 1 large plot per territory, or two if more buildings are added)
– Tavern
Stay long enough or buy a drink for certain timed bufs like increased crafting speed/more damage against PVE etc.
Owner gets % of money spent & has to upkeep building
Or have chance games where a % goes to the house.
-Trading hub
Small local market place allowing players to buy/sell goods
Owner gets % of
Players can purchase/rent small chests to store items.
Owner gets a city sized bank in village & % of money used to buy additional bank slots.

Small Plot Buildings (5 to 10 small plots depending on how village is designed)
-Player Houses
Player can respawn at house and build chests and have laboreres
-Crafting / Refining Stations
Players can add usage fee
Ideally each village will be unique but they will all have 1 Large plot and multiple small plot so that not every village is an albion online gold market or bank or tavern.
The Player Villages may or may not have guards. If there was guards they would aggro marked players in yellow/red zones and maybe no guards in black zones.
If you owned a house or had access to a house in the village you would be safe inside (Maybe make doors be pickable/destroyable)

Clans can capture or “Offer Protection” to these territories and get a % of the business/rent going on. Not sure how the GVG will work maybe can only be challenged once a day by a neighboring territory or on a weekly timer to avoid constant GVG’s stopping business.