Albion Online: Gathering nodes are spread out over mostly empty

Yeah.. I don’t know that the issue is how grindy gathering is / that it’s the main gate. I actually like the fact that more people can use higher end gear more easily, it’s just not around as much. It provides opportunity to a larger percentage of players to try competitive PVP.

In some ways the massive equipment wall has actually nerfed zergs a little bit IMO because it is so extreme that even very large alliances struggle with it, burning huge amounts of man hours, LP, and / or transmutation money to gear their gvg teams into the best albion online silver store and available equipment. Losing a few sets of bleeding edge gear can be pretty devastating to an entire alliance.

In spite of this though, I have to agree with the general spirit of the thread. Albion is boring for most of us now.

This is not a game that will hold the interest of a PVP focused crowd unless you are in the small % that is GVGing. Even those people might become bored with repetition. There are PVP games with less tedium and far more replay value out there. There isn’t even GVG for you at all unless you are in a stable zerg in black that is able to farm competitive resources. Why were gear capped yellow / red gvgs removed?? They were a way for more casual / less experienced guilds to get a taste of a core PVP element of this game. I think that change really boggled most people’s minds.

It won’t hold the interest of a PVE crowd because there is virtually no new content from last beta, in fact a lot has actually been removed to albion online gold shop. Giants, grottos (HUGE mistake, why was this even done?). While the art of the new biomes is very good, new cosmetics does not constitute new PVE.

The dungeons, after numerous years and betas, are still clones of each other, nothing more than identical mazes with mostly identical NPC pulls. No puzzles to solve or traps to avoid. No variation in layouts. No interesting AI behavior or memorable characters.

Gathering nodes are spread out over mostly empty, enormous cluster maps. These maps are also full of cul-de-sacs that literally contain nothing, empty space. At least put a few resource nodes in there or something. Just another annoyance to gatherers.


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