I never said they could compete in Albion

It’s called using an example. Please try to stay on topic rather than having a rant, there is a board for that.

EvE does actually have multiple servers, not a great example.The fact is the people who would play on a pure server are not ones who would play on the normal server in the first place. This isnt subdividing the player base, its bringing in a completely different one that dont like the P2W features.Thinking about a 2nd real world / server currently is a bit weird considering the game hasen’t even rolled out yet. Currently we don’t have enough players for the current world we have, so think what would happen if you made a new one. You would still have 1 world where everyone is and a 2nd server thats dead.

New worlds can be discussed when the game has been released and has a decently big playerbase.While i dont necessarily disagree with the desire to want a server where none of that exists. There are 2 major problems

1. “3-5$ Fee’s / Server Costs / Etc” – Its not that server costs are expensive and are the bulk of the game but employee salaries, development costs, expanding the game and progressing it. They all cost money. Reverting to a subscription fee isn’t going to solve that or suddenly make them more Albion Online Gold. They don’t have millions of players similar to WoW.

2. “Splitting the player base” – 2 servers, 2 groups of players on different rules. Not healthy in my opinion of a game like this. You either have it one way or the other. We’re already lacking players imo. Maps are too big and there just isnt enough players imo to really flesh/fill everything out. No good reason to divide the player basis against and splitting and already small population size by half. Even if it did serve them in profit it would only help to kill the longevity of the game. You would start getting newer players posting questions like “Which server should i join?”, “Which server has better PvP?”, “Which Server is more fun?”, and it would be war lol.

I think you need to read my reply where I outline why that isnt a problem at all. The people who would play on this server are not the people who would play normal server, its for people who would not play Albion in the first place to buy albion online for sale because of the cash shop. People who dont care about the membership/gold advantages would obviously just play on the normal server.

Also this is the most critical time to be talking about this. Albion is in not too long going into release, and the best time to capitalize on a pure server is at day 1 when discussion of the game will be at its highest.


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