It’s impossible to balance in Albion

That is not rock paper scissors though, is it? If the only thing to counter a rock is a rock, paper and scissors are useless, right? And since according to you this is rock paper scissors but meditate counters only meditate, am I missing something here? ^^ The higher energy imo won’t help it much. You’d either make it that they need AO Gold and energy potion as you suggest, which would still be strong as you just pop an energy potion in between or you wouldn’t have energy and the meditate helmet would go obsolete. Thought it might make a choice after meditate between sprint and dps spells. But how long the effect lasts? Could you just use the sprints – energy debuff is gone when you catch up to a target and you can dps again? Too many issues with meditate.

Basically why I think its impossible to balance this. You either count with that build using meditate and so you nerf the dps or whatever making it bad without meditate or you don’t count that people will use meditate with it therefore having it strong effect and with meditate will be op. Without meditate what you have is management of your dps vs your defensive abilities vs your energy (perhaps energy with cooldown).

In a way like that you’d have energy/cd counter defense – you keep your abilities from casting while def ability of your enemy is up therefore you have the energy/cd to try to find albion online gold market and finish him when his defense is down. Defense obviously counters dps as if you use it at a right time you deny the damage and counter the dps. And dps counters energy/cd in a sense that if you just have high energy and cooldowns up that won’t help you with your fight unless you use your spells, so if the dps uses his spells quick and correct – burst, CC chain, interrupts, you can’t use energy, cooldowns are useless and dps wins.

That sounds more like rock paper scissors game to me, no?

P.S. I know I sometimes express myself as a retard so hope it makes sense lol. 😀

EDIT: Specially for someone so I dont just post an off topic bs like him. ^^

I got it from the beginning that is why I want meditate gone. I didnt talk about rock paper scissors so I could disprove myself in next post mate that was you. 😀 So you think meditate is overpowered and should be changed / removed, right?


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