More infinite resource-spots in Albion

I like the idea about more infinite resource-spots, it´s quite similar to Eve were you had mineralfields, which isnt bad. After all Eve have been there for over 10 years, so it works.

The challange is to incorperate the big bulk of casual care bear players who only do safe farming, ie <T4 albion online silver farming. High consumption of common materials (<T4) is needed when crafting high end items is needed, so there will be a constant demand on all resources.

This would also benefit pvp is some way as gatherers would be more stationary in diffrent spots, and would even in some zones need protection while gathering. This would make it hard to farm high end resources as >T5

When it comes to rare resources, i would like theese to be spawned randomly around the maps. In this way you would have the same type of farming we have to day where you need to be mobile, but you only get rare or very rare resources. Its risky as you will not have a whole party there to protect you, you will probably search on your own.

This would end up with three categories of farming
1. <T4 easy farming, not much risk but neither much rewarding. You can probably calculate exactly the amount of Albion Online Silver per hour you would make on this. Belive it or not, alot of players actually enjoy this playstile since you know what you´re gonna get.
Risk: Bots…

2. T5-T8 materials in red and black zones. You can gather alone at theese spots but you´ll likely to be ganked if you dont have support. Guilds can gather up for gathering events to protect each other etc.

3. Rare T4-T8 materials (not sure what to call them, but you probably know what i meen) to be found randomly around the map.
High risk running around solo, it can be very rewarding with some luck but you might also get nothing with some bad luck.

This will atract 3 types of players as i see it.
1. Carebears who just whant to do some casual and easy farming, which i belive is a quite big part of the players. Just look at Eve…
2. Those who whant to farm in groups and must cooperate with guilds to progress further
3. Solo farmers who whant risk vs reward


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