Albion Online: Other players should not be able to kill me

Hello. I am an experienced World of Warcraft and Farmville player. My guild in these games has many world firsts in crafting and resource gathering. We are famous throughout the internet and the echelons of gaming achievement history.

I know Albion Online has many weaknesses but is still a great game. I enjoy running around the diverse maps and tactfully outplaying a variety of Albion Online Silver nodes and adding them to my collection after massive skillful outplays on my part. I was undefeated for many days on my journey until an encounter with the “Ore Elemental” guild which had these overpowered purple rock spikes on all their members. I had clicked the glowing green tree for my reward when these bullies started their attack. They kept hitting me and would stop my chopping. I tried getting on my horse but I think it was bugged or exploits were being used. In the midst of their assault I begged them to stop but they did not respond. My reign of terror on this game finally came to a brief end but luckily after I played dead they ran away.

WHAT IS THIS? SOME OF MY LOGS HAVE DISAPPEARED. This is unacceptable and I am telling you right now me and my friends will quit if this happens again. Guild Ore Elemental are probably cheating and massively overpowered exploiters and I demand a response immediately. I have asked for mods in game but the customer service is terrible. I believe these players were hitting me with “claymore” if I am reading other complaints correctly. Please take away this claymore so I can click on my trees uninterrupted. It is ruining the game for me.


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