The Learning Points of Albion Online

I wanted to add, one of the core reasons I play this game is because of the Learning Points. I travel for work, sometimes extensively, and many times in locations without sufficient cell/WiFi service to play. Additionally, I have a family, a large one, and thus this leads to me not being able to dedicate sufficient time to keep up. Albion is one of the few online games where, I feel, I can miss a few hours, days, or even weeks and still be able to keep up and contribute.

I am not expecting to be at the top without any active play time, but the LP gives me the edge, I feel, to stay competitive. Most other games, of this type, in the past, would always make me feel if I could get a lot of Albion Online Silver I was left out and/or behind. Without the learning points, I more than likely would not bother playing the game with the current amount of fame it takes to achieve additional tiers. In short, I support Learning Points in Albion, and I support multiple characters; anyone with kids and a life would understand why.

I would also like to add I enjoy the reputation system as it strikes a right balance between reward versus consequence. If people want to be criminals/murderers then they should be punished for it and labeled as outlaws; regardless of how good they were in the past.

This was addressed a bit earlier, this would essentially be the same as limiting an account to one character. Instead of playing 3 accounts with 3 character per we would play 9 accounts with 1 character per.

With the way LP works I honestly cannot see a way (as a programmer myself) that it would be able to accomplish the goal that the developers are aiming for, helping casual players. I have probably ran a million test cases over and over in my head and every scenario still points to this mechanic being circumvented. The only way this system would truly benefit a casual player would be get albion online gold for sale if fame were removed all together and all characters only progressed through LP at the exact same pace of 20 per day and you removed player to player trading (like Black Desert Online has done). This would mean everyone is progressing in their own field at exactly the same rate regardless of alts. Grind would no longer matter, or anything else really.
That is the only scenario where i can see LP helping a casual, but it would also remove any reason to play the game at all.

I get what you’re saying Harm, I would think you would be an exception to the rule though.

If someone has a very large amount of time (and/or money) to play, they’re going to progress faster regardless of any balance changes with the LP system. and the game shouldn’t be balanced around those types of players (they’re a very small % of playerbase).

Increasing the fame bar / penalty would slow down stacked LP progression on alts, more time needs AO Gold to be invested into each alt to make it be worthwhile which many players won’t want to invest outside their main.

This would deter people with normal amounts of playtime from feeling the need to use alts to be competitive, and still allow casual players to use LP in a natural fashion to stay relevant. Currently it feel like an obligation to all players, because it’s so powerful compared to focusing on your primary character.

I’m also all for 1 character (which solves even more problems imo), but if that’s not feasible, they should at least make it so players don’t feel obligated to use all 3 characters like the current system does.


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