The aim of the core Albion Online group

BC leadership still play together along some of it’s members. We have learned our lesson not to mass recruit due to horrible guild management mechanics personal limitations. The aim of the core group that now sticks together is still to stay competitive as in previous tests but 1st of all to have fun playing together with people you know and trust got your back.

To sum this up, alot of bad decisions or lack of communicating together with mass recruiting is bad mmmkay. We learned our lesson and I hope players that talk shit about their leadership without acting in a productive way eventually get what is coming. For the people that got treated unfair, I know some of you have. I apology and I wish you the best of luck in the future. yo rexi dont fuck up my rep, im temporarily in Albion Online Gold friendship and positivity and theres basically no one else in it, and i wasnt on yesterday so i seriously doubt we allied to get access to your someone stole your shit, but it wasnt me, no need to make it out like FAP was involved when im basically the only member in it… the rest of old BC went into a guild called Varsity Squad, not FAP.

My point is, whatever happened since ive been gone, literally at work and sleeping, I had nothing to do with it and before I went to sleep there was only me and 4 others ledt in FAP who hadn’t left for Varsity.

Whoever did rip you off I think it was a shitty move, no matter if they’re mad at BC or not you werent to blame for any of it and personally I think you were always good guys.On Albion Online Silver topic though, sad to see that the butthurt runs so deep in ex-BC that they’d go after Finstack that has done nothing but help them and were in no way involved with the internal collapse of the guild.


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