Combination of fame and Albion Online quests

I would also agree with area restriction in the form of certificates to avoid any backfire from the “this is sandbox and you should be able to roam freely” crowd, whether it’s fame, combination of fame and quests, or anything else that needs a relevant amount of time to achieve, it should be shown as acquired certificates to access that will be requested by gate npc guardians (so the gating can have some sort of lore behind to justify), on top of it a considerable amount of guardians will roam the lands, if you are afk within a certain time to show the certificate on demand (which could just be a click to confirm or a more complex randomised position/color/texture procedure to avoid bypass by visual recognition based autoclickers), they will attack you.

This sounds as a good partial solution if you think you can’t totally stop it at least try to make it as painful and as time consuming as you can.

What about making it bannable as and exploit of Albion Online Gold game mechanics?, think bans cause of insulting people are much more arbitrary than this bans would be it’s pretty obvious when you are doing it.Also what you could do to at least damper the effectiveness of it is to increase blue dungeon log out time, short log out+naked scouting makes T7 blue dungeons almost 0 risk and you still getting the extra reward that’s intended for high risk fame farming.


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