Searching Albion Online multibox diablo 3

That isn’t how most multibox players run multiple accounts. The software pass key press, mouse movement and clicks to the other windows. So one client is played the other clients are shadows. The shadows aren’t directly played but they aren’t bots either.

It would be difficult to multibox without all having premium. Sure you could grind it out but if one has premium, that one will be geared much faster. So best case is for all the accounts to have Premium at least for the first month, then buy it with silver. Remember that Cheap Albion Online Gold gearing is x times harder because of needing more gear and x times more expensive. It’d also be harder in PvP if the shadows are separated from the main. Sure the shadows can be directly controlled but getting them all together is difficult and by then, you’ve lost the main or alts.

You can see how it’s done by just using google and searching multibox diablo 3 as an example.This a delicate issue for many games like Albion. I personally focus on trading and crafting in these games so I would like to be able to check prices on demand. For EVE you can technically do this but you would have to pay monthly if you want it truly live (running two accounts).

However I didn’t want to pay that so I sent some other characters on the account to major hubs I traded in. I would have to switch characters which is annoying and time consuming but way better then paying an extra $15 a month. Since this games is Albion Mall free to play I would definitely want to run at least two characters to check prices. However in the end because this games is free to play I think it might be best to prevent any of these activities.


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