Hunt People In A Red Albion Online Zone

I have my account and my brother has their own account, we will be playing at same time in the same house in different computers, but we are two different person if this is not an issue i prefer “no”.

You wanna play pvp and check the prices of some item or do some craft ok, but if we do that we can kill a lot of roles in the game like Albion Mall merchants, farmers, crafters because all this roles will be alts, another reason is that you can’t focus in two things at same time and even if you can, this will prejudiced your response time. So relax for few minutes doing some craft or chatting then go back to the frontline.

Multi boxing should not be allowed as previous people have stated it dose ruin the Game, It is no longer about community, its who can run the largest number of a bots and gather resources or hunt people in a Red zone. 5 bots all hitting you at the same time will hurt. now on the other hand multiple accounts in a household is a different story, so long as there is somebody at the controls and not an automated system controlling a toon.

Just because it isn’t easily enforceable doesn’t mean it should be allowed. I don’t see a problem with having multiple accounts and logging in to multiple characters at once. I don’t think it really hurts anyone and it will be convenient when trading items between my characters. I could be Albion Online Silver convinced otherwise though.I’m not ok with multiple people using a single account (a shared guild crafting account for example). That gives an unfair advantage and lets that character progress faster than normal. It also makes it harder for dedicated crafters. No guild needs them because, “Oh, we use a guild crafting account”.


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