A Faster Albion Online Game Progress

For casuals it wouldnt really matter if its allowed or not. They will judge this as an act of cheating, cause if they not going to use it, it will put them more behind.If it would be allowed, most people will play multiple Albion Online Silver characters or accounts not for fun. They will do it for a faster game progress and to stay on a top level. i think this should not be the way this game will be going, being forced into playing multiple characters or accounts to get the maximum of efficiency.

On the other side its hard to prevent this at this stage of the gameprogress. Maybe u can make it unattractiv to use it, chaging the gathering and refiningprocesses for example. But maybe its to late and your in an unfortunate position.

Yes within reason. Just ban naked scout accounts (or punish guilds who do so if they persist and you can’t narrow down the culprit) and maybe check into anyone with more than a couple free accounts from their IP address. Nothing else regarding simple Albion Online Power Leveling multi-accounting is particularly threatening to the game. Regular multiboxers will be quite prone to disruption by pushbacks and become massive lootbags to any group that knows how to deal with them. This game simply does not have the same options needed for relatively fine control like you might get for using ISBoxer in WoW. In gathering, with how much walking is involved there, the biggest advantage is just having one character there on a horse holding stuff and ready to run, but you don’t even need ISBoxer for that and you’re basically giving whoever comes up on you a freebie kill of the character you leave behind.

And botters (like the people who can go afk while the game plays itself) should be banned for automation regardless of the alt policy.


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