The Longer The Albion Online Game Runs

I was like the guild librarian for a while since no one else seemed to know how to buy books and use them. Back when they were 700 something I spent over 100k in day trying to get books in gathers hands. Due to heavy action in our area at the time only 1/4 of those books were ever filled and returned. When I think of that I can’t help but laugh at the worthlessness of laborers if you stick with results any near the test server’s return level.

And yes I will bring up my point again books are almost 1k to buy. That price can and will go up the longer the game runs. You have to ask yourself will it even be worth it to level the laborers considering the cost of the Albion Online Silver  books versus what they will give consider you may not be very likely to bring home the books or yourself.

I look at this very simple. I am not saying the laborer system doesn’t need balances and tweeks, because I am. I see it like this ultimately. More Mats mean more items. More items mean more people with items which tends to produce the attitude where one has many sets to lose. This in turn produces more people going out in red and black zones to have fun with their many items not caring as much if lose them. This IMO does not really include your 5.3 and up tier weans which people will care about losing for a quite a while since the draw back past .3 will be getting enough gems and runes to shake a stick at. Anyway things help level a playing field and promote more Albion Online Power Leveling fun, ie slaughter, will only serve to make the game more a general way.

I skin animals constantly all day anyways , its a great way to make silver, one of the best. so me filling up journals while doing so should be considered the same, free resources right? because if they take skinning journals out of the game altogether i would still be skinning animals all day.


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