PC Culture – Any other PC bros out there?

Looking to meet more politically correct bros who play albionwill personally not tolerate any a-gender specific micro-aggressions, racially motivated hatred, ageism or mocking the disabled by even asking what their disability is.

look forward to meeting you wonderful people.is that were its okay to say anything until someones feelings begin? whats a gender- specific micro aggression…racially motivated hatred???in a video game….are you feeling ok? how would anyone know to ask what a persons disability was unless that person stated i have a disability….which the normal response is oh do tell us… in previous guilds we would want to know if said person had a Albion Online Power Leveling disability so we could make special rules for them.(ie…some form of sickness that will cause random times of inactivity with no notice…) i think your standards are a bit unrealistic.

Free and open-source. Mumble is available as a free download and source code is available on GitHub.Excellent voice quality. Since version 1.2.4 Mumble uses an audio codec named Opus that’s specifically developed to provide low-latency voice communication over Internet.


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