Update Regarding Reboot Cash Shop On MapleStory

Last week we discovered that players were able to exploit an error in the Reboot world Cash Shop to obtain large amounts of items and mesos. During the unscheduled maintenance last Friday, we resolved the error and temporarily suspended all players who exploited the error and obtained items and mesos as a result bybuy MapleStory Mesos . We investigated our options for resolving these player’s characters in Reboot world to determine how to mitigate the advantage all of these players had gained.
We have completed our investigation, and have decided to perform the following actions to the affected accounts during this Thursday’s scheduled maintenance. These changes only apply to the suspended accounts who obtained items and mesos by exploiting this error and these actions will only be taken in the Reboot world.
We will reset the total amount of mesos to 22,000,000 for all characters and storage in Reboot world. You can find these mesos in the player’s storage.
We will delete all MapleStory Mesos that were purchased with mesos from the accounts. We will NOT delete Cash items purchased with NX.

We will delete all equipment from the inventories of characters in Reboot world.
Once these actions are complete, we will release these accounts.

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