The Free Events Giving Us On MapleStory

Despite all the free events giving us max set up slots, as well as chair bag fuction(max 12) and a title holder(12 slots aswell). For newer or returning players I don’t see this to be much of a concern. On the other hand a lot of us veteran players have SO many untradeable or collectable chairs/titles throughout the years. The pb event made my 12 slot title holder obsolete as well as madhouse, dojo, crusader titles. A 12 chair bag is simply not enough at all anymore to fulfill all these chair events. One solution could making them tradable or account tradable like planet chairs by buy MapleStory Mesos. The snowflake event on top of the star world constellation collection is a real kick in the teeth, I must say. I have so many old nostalgic chairs I do not intend on dropping as well as one of a kind titles, some players like me like to hoard old rarities. Other solution would be simply implementing an updated chair/title bag/holder that can fit at least 24 minimum slots, if not then allow 12 chair bags/holders be used multiple times in your set-up. Please take this into consideration if you know where i’m coming from and I hope a mod stumbles upon this as well.
Additionally, there are tons of events which require you to hold a item in SET-UP for 30-2hrs w/e and also we store bits there too. Just too much…I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Bigger bags is not a solution. Chairs need to go into a collection the same way that medals do. Obviously there will be some chairs that never get put into the collection (just like there are some medals that are never put in the collection), and those few could stay in your inventories. But you should be able to keep the majority of your MapleStory Mesos in a collection, be able to re-issue them at any time for 100k mesos (just like titles) and sit on them. Its the only long term solution to a lack of space in the inventory. Even if we get bigger chair bags, and can use more bags, and get a larger inventory size (which I don’t see why we haven’t gotten that yet), it will still fill up eventually, especially since the setup tab shares chairs and titles.


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