Fan Site – Listing On Albion Online

Below you can find all the fan sites related to Albion Online. Thanks to Beelzebabb, it is now a sticky!
Please note that some websites may not work as from time to time they are shut down, resolving issues or being edited by buy Albion Online Gold, thus not available. Due to this occurring frequently among many websites I can’t continuously update this post with which websites are working and which are down, unless the website has been down for a significantly long time, by which it is moved under the inactive group.
Sorry maybe i dont understand, what is “active” for you. My and the polish blog are active and i am the owner of the german blog. My last post was 3 weeks ago and the last post from the polish blog 4 days old. Is this maybe active enough for you?
You list here a Cheap Albion Online Gold that had a last post from 3 months ago. Maybe i do not understand your meaning of active, sorry.
One month ago was march 2015 not january. Sorry i dont understand why you dont want to list us. Maybe you prefer just brazil or english sites? I will make my own list with “real” active fansites.


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